May 26, 2006

Trying to Leave

I'm sorry for the slim postings this week. My biggest client FREAKS out when I go out of town. She's making me finalize art that's due at the end of June! She wants all bases covered and if I'm not here she can't change the art on a whim. This is the same client who had me changing graphics while my sister was in labor. Which would be fine, except that I'd gone to Seattle to BE with my sister and I literally had to leave the hospital and find a wireless cafe so I could send changes to my client. (Really it wasn't that bad, OTRsis was sleeping after getting her epidural (sp?!), but the principal of it is irksome)

Which means that I spent all day today working on two stupid art panels. Memorial Day will now be spent catching up on everything I've postponed because of this client. But it's a holiday so I can't make all the phone calls I need to... and I fly out on Tuesday. When I get back we'll likely have to put the house on the market.

Insanity! I keep going by thinking "This time next week, I'll be in Ireland. Granted it'll be raining and cold, but still beautiful!"

In the midst of this I wonder, what will my client do when I move?

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snickollet said...

Yikes--good luck with the work stuff. Why does everything have to happen at once: crazy work, amazing trip, selling house. Eek!

Maybe it's just this time of year; I haven't posted in ages, almost 10 days.

Bon voyage! See you on the 12th, I hope.