May 3, 2006

The Bush Roast

You may have already seen this, but here's the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner where Steven Colbert roasts W, as well as Jesse Jackson and the AP. Strange bedfellows in a bed full of razor sharp wit.

(This post is not an attempt to get political. I don't care who you are, it's hard to sit through a roast. I've never liked the idea of having to sit and smile while you're being shredded. And Colbert cuts close to the bone a few times!)

Just remember that "a 32 percent approval rating means that 68 percent approve of the job Bush isn't doing. Think about it"


OTR sister said...

I just found this on my own last night. Jon Stewart wasn't this brave and Bush wasn't even at the Oscars.

I wish Bush and Cheney would answer some of those questions, though...

OTR sister said... had to remove the video because of "copyright infringement".

I doubt it was The Colbert Report because it was free advertising for them. Therefore, the conspiracy theory suggests...

OTRgirl said...

What? Too many people were watching? The bone didn't like being exposed? That's wild!

"conspiracy theory suggests..." You're too funny!