May 16, 2006

The Rest of the Mess

One of the reasons I love blogging is that as soon as I tell someone what is wrong, it no longer feels as heavy. Yet at the same time I get tired of having to repeat the story after the initial catharsis. Blogging solves both issues! Thank you all for your comments and your support after my MoDay post. It means more than I can say. I feel much better today (as you might notice while reading this post).

The in-laws are fine. I gave Jrex the heads up that he better deflect them if they ask me anything about kids, but so far so good. Mom brought a ton of pre-marinated kalbi and prok (that would be pork. Typo--not a foreign word). She told us to invite friends. We did. That deflected the baby talk and consumed enough food that nothing had to be frozen. Phew. Even the dog seems to be fine.

Before going to work today, Jrex told me he’d heard a ‘70% likely’ rumor that we’d have to move to Palo Alto. This morning he called from the lab to say there was a fat envelope from Stanford outside P’s office. Ugh!!! If we have to move, I want Seattle!!! I want my brother, sister, niece and possibly one of my best friends as consolation prizes. Yeah it rains. Yeah my husband would be so depressed by the gray that he might never move again, but we could ski in the rain! Where else is that possible? I think my co-worker’s comment sums it up: “"Excellent: from rain to earthquakes. And 1.3 million dollar starter homes! You'll be living in the rescue mission!"

But all this brings me to the real hardship of the in-laws visit.* After everything else, I know you’re bracing for impact. And you should!! It’s not everyone who could take all this and keep smiling. This final blow might be the straw on my double-hump back! Are you ready? Sigh. OK. I’ll tell you . . . I missed the Sunday/Monday season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. If you have no sympathy, then you clearly haven’t been watching the show. I mean just last week Meredith gave Derek the smackdown he deserved! Even Jrex was cheering her on. Who knows what I've missed (or where I can get a download or a plot synopsis)?!

After nine years of marriage, you’d think that Jrex would have the marital sympathy thing down. You’d think that when I started wailing and gnashing my teeth after realizing May 14th and 15th had PASSED he would have showered me with love and sympathy. Chocolates. Breakfast in bed. At least a tender shoulder. Yeah, yeah, yeah, he was great for the MoDay drama, but for the really big crisis what did I get? What depths of wisdom? What powerful motivator to keep going? Well, I’ll tell you. He looked at me very lovingly and said, “Honey, I really, really believe you will still wake up tomorrow.”

Hmph. We’ll see about that.

*Please note: in the interest of journalistic integrity I have to inform you that some items are exaggerated just slightly for melodramatic effect.


weigook saram said...

Glad the inlaws didn't bring up the baby issue. Sorry you may have to move to Palo Alto, but the weather is lovely, and there is lots of great food near there. Can you keep your Baltimore house?

You can get a plot synopsis of GA at You may also be able to buy it at I-Tunes for 1.99. I'm not sure.
It was all very melodramatic and over-the-top, and I will say, without getting too spoilerish, that I hated one of the major plot developments.

L said...

I agree - the weather in PA is so nice. I wish we could live in Cali. Although, Seattle is pretty nice too!! ;) Heh

Sadly, I haven't watched Grey's in months. It's hard when I am used to going to bed at 8:30 on Sunday nights. But I did get the recap from TWOP (as suggested by WS). Oh, and more details from my coworkers.

snickollet said...

I don't watch Grey's, but if I had to miss an episode of 24, I'd immediately enter serious crisis mode. That show is like heroin for me (or what I imagine heroin to be like, having never actually tried it!)

Glad you're having a good in-law visit. Wish I could have crashed the party when you had the Korean feast.

As for Palo Alto, well, the housing prices suck but it's really a gorgeous area. I lived in Monterey for two years and would be happy to give you some hiking/outdoors tips in the area if that ends up being where you go. So much to do and see. said...

Hi, I'm a delurker.

First off, the serious stuff. This is more about a couple posts earlier, but I also have a problem with Mother's Day, as my mother passed away when I was 12. At age 30 I am now married and have a fabulous mother-in-law who puts the evil MIL stereotype to shame, and yet at Mother's Day I still feel guilty for celebrating with her. Sometimes I feel that if I like her too much, that's betraying my mother's memory, which I realize is totally ridiculous.

Okay, now the not so serious stuff. I am a HUGE Grey's Anatomy fan too. I was also cheering on when Meredith told him "you don't get to call me a whore" etc. As for the three-hour finale, it was very intense. As Weigook Saram has said, there is one (actually two that spring to mind) plot development which has the potential to arouse a lot of hatred from fans. Ironically, the one that most people are upset over seemed right to me; the one that many are cheering on really annoys me.

I'm sure they'll replay this juicy finale during the summer, but meanwhile you can get the recaps as mentioned and I bet key scenes will be put onto YouTube. And if you go to and click on GA, there is a really cool writer's blog where the writers explain why they did what they did.


OTRgirl said...

WS: you come through yet again! Thank you!

Linda: I was looking forward to meeting you and the kids for coffee in the rain. Sigh.

Snick: I'll definitely get those tips from you if we have to transplant!

Zoe: thanks for your comments. Have you read "Motherless Daughters"? It's written by a woman who lost her mom as a teenager. I found it really comforting. She writes about what you're dealing with. I think that's such a common phenomenon: feeling guilty for letting someone into that Mom spot. I'm glad your Mom-in-law is a good one. Twelve is far too young to lose a mom and you need someone to care for you in the way that only a Mom can. Enjoy her as a grace given to you.

OTR sis said...

I'm looking out the window right now at sunny and 70s. Been that way for a week now. I don't know what is up with this myth about Seattle and rain.

OTRgirl said...

umm...I recall some vicious rumor about rain for 30 or 40 days in a row this winter? I've never said Seattle wasn't incredible, wonderful, and desireable, rain or no rain--but you have to admit your winter is a bit drizzly!