January 29, 2014

The status

I had a strong sense that I should take a break from the job hunt between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was good to focus on my family. Between December 21 and January 6th, I think I only had to turn on the computer twice. It was AWESOME.

Since starting work again, I've been immersed in a branding exercise for one of our big clients. It's mostly over at this point (phew!), so I'm starting to apply again for jobs. Let's just say things are hopping!

  • I aced a phone interview yesterday and heard back the same day that they want me to come in for a face-to-face interview. This is for a Christian agency. I'm nervous about stepping off the career trajectory, but it's a really interesting opportunity to build a department from the ground up in a supportive environment. The X-factor is if it would stay interesting enough once we finish the brand refresh and get the team built. As much as I complain about work, I'm an adrenaline junky and enjoy a fast pace.
  • I met with a woman at a placement agency who works with a massive tech company here in Dallas. They do all their own branding, events, and video work in-house and could use someone with my skill set. She emailed today that they asked her to send my info over.
  • I emailed Chicago woman that I'm interviewing. She wrote back right away to ask if I could wait for next week. She has meetings set up to find out if she can grow her team or not. I said that seemed fine.
  • In February Go Go Woman is coming to town for meetings (unrelated to me). We've made plans to go out for breakfast. It's more of a friends hanging out event vs a job talk. Depending how things go with the Christian company, she'd actually be a good person to weigh in on the career vs life balance choice.
  • I also submitted an application for a local company that wants an Art Director. I doubt they'll call me, but I hope they will (I'm overqualified/expensive). Their call for applications was hysterical and fits my personality.
I'm excited that things are moving again!

Of course, there are other life events happening, but they are mostly of the Ordinary Splendor variety:

  • Brex often stands in front of me and commands, "Make a lap!" I have him say please and then sit cross-legged on the floor. He cuddles in with whatever the book du jour is and we read and then devolve into tickling games.
  • I visited the neighborhood elementary school when they did an Open House. They have an amazing program that includes dance, orchestra, drama, etc. However, it does look like the kids are doing the same thing at the same time. If we've learned one thing about Brex, he is both intelligent and methodical. If he gets absorbed in something, you can't rush him. We're thinking Montessori would be a better fit so that he can go fast or slow as needed. It's a ways off, but I like to think about it.
  • Looks like Mom K is going to be moving to Big D!!! We thought she would just go to LA, but Jrex's sister asked if we'd think about her spending half the year here (in an apartment, NOT in our house). I'm actually getting excited about the idea. I have this picture of her living within walking distance of Brex's school and picking him up and being his after school care. Not sure if that will really happen, but I like the picture of them getting time to really know each other. We'd likely be her health home base (i.e. one of us would go to her doctor's appointments with her) since SIL is juggling a husband on disability who can't drive and a daughter in private school who needs a ride to/from school.
 I can't promise to be better about blogging, but I'll try! (also, I need new blog buddies. It feels like all the ordinary people just use FB instead of blogging and the only blogs are semi-professional. Is that just in my head?)

My lame reason for not posting

Most days I log into Firefox using my web domain Google ID. That allows me to easily apply for jobs and communicate using my official email address. At the same time, I use Safari for my 'friends' Gmail account. On Safari I have my work FB account. On Firefox I have my 'friends' FB account.

Confused? It doesn't matter. The point is that I have to log out and log in under my OTRgirl identity before I can do a blog post. And I don't bother most of the time...

How long does that take? A massive 5 seconds or so.

[hangs head] I have no excuse.