April 27, 2006

I'm just a lemming. Really.

Saw this one over at jo(e). And here and here. Sing with me now...

ABC meme

Accent: I absorb the accent where I live, though I maintain a nasal midwestern ‘a’.

Booze: Newcastle Brown. Cosmopolitans. Wine with dinner

Chore I hate: Dusting. So fussy. So old lady. So necessary with the number of books we hoard plus a shedding dog.

Dog or Cat: If my husband didn’t stop breathing around cats, I would have a cat. I like their independence and low-maintenance. That said, I love our dog. Who is like a cat: she cleans herself, tries to clean us, stretches every time she gets up, and is good at weird contortions while sleeping.

Essential Electronics: I’m a designer with distracting co-workers so I’m going to have to pick laptop for $4000, Alex.

Favorite Cologne: Ick. Smelly clouds of doom. Two I can tolerate: Mom wore Beautiful. I like Old Spice on a guy.

Gold or Silver: Silver. Gold makes me look jaundiced.

Hometown: Cincinnati. Which meant when I arrived at college in 1989 everyone sang, “WKRP in Cin-cin-nnnaaaatti!” to me.

Insomnia: Not a problem. I love me some sleep.

Job Title: Best Wife Ever. Right, honey? Honey? Otherwise, Decorator Girl. Seriously. I have two sets of business cards. One says “Senior Designer”, but I give it to boring clients. I was named by an old curmudgeon of a client who said to my boss, “You and your decorator girl come over here and tell me what to do with my restaurant.”

Kids: Nope. Always wanted a Benneton family but various circumstances have conspired to leave us childless so far. Sigh.

Living Arrangements: One man, one dog, one house, two cars. Fabulous hammock under a weeping cherry tree.

Most admirable traits: Listening, maintaining lots of great friendships, ability to laugh.

Number of Sexual Partners: Hmm….Technically one.

Overnight Hospital Stays: None for me, thanks!

Phobias: I’m fine with spiders, bugs, heights, open spaces, people, and the dark. Not crazy about closed in spaces or slugs.

Quote: "Damn the torpedos, full-steam ahead!"

Religion: Christian. Having a father who ran a non-profit meant I grew up sampling basically every flavor: Catholic, Episcopal, Messianic Jews, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, and on and on. Our base church was an inner city, charismatic Lutheran church with a Catholic nun as head of counseling.

Siblings: one of each. Both younger and better looking.

Time I wake up: Some days 4 AM, but usually 8 or so.

Unusual Talent or Skill: Cling like a monkey to a rock wall?

Vegetable I love: any Jrex steams and tosses with his homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

Worst Habit: Chewing my nails. Talking too much? Oh, and being inconsiderate and self-absorbed.

X-rays: Just the teeth and nothing but the teeth. Except for my head, neck, and shoulder after a bike wreck. But I was fine so it doesn’t count.

Yummy foods I make: They all sound boring: tuna melts, pizza, and salads. But I spice them all up and use cheese to great effect.

Zodiac Sign: Someone who was way into Signs said I was the epitome of a Pisces; she was disturbed to find out I'm a Leo by the calendar.


weigook saram said...

I like your taste in booze. And I hardly ever dust.

otr mama said...

I loved this list...Your mom wore "Cinnabar" and I can still smell it when I think of her.