April 5, 2006


While Jrex was a 2nd year resident his intern was an attractive blond woman. (No I’m not about to make a stupid joke, relax) One night he came home exclaiming, “She’s normally a very intelligent woman, but every so often she just has a dizzy blond moment!”

That day he finally figured out a word to use for her, and for me. We all have them. I find ‘brain fart’ to be a distasteful term. It implies you blanked or forgot something. DBM, on the other hand, encompasses more. The moment when you ask or do the totally stupid thing; when you leave your house keys at the hardware store to get copies made, then walk away without bringing them, and the store closes before you're ready to leave work (hypothetically speaking, of course), or when you leave a full garbage bag loose in the kitchen and it proves to be too much temptation for your scavenger dog. Fortunately for me, he doesn’t remember my stupid questions! I have at least 4 a week or so; if his memory were better I’d be buried alive in the snorts and guffaws from his corner of the marriage. Fortunately for you, I can remember two that OTHER people did recently.

At a group outing on Friday, Jrex was explaining to another couple his obsession interest in roasting his own coffee. The husband asked, “So you just put green beans in and roast them to get the coffee?” His wife gasped in disbelief, “Is THAT where coffee comes from?”

This morning my father called my work phone twice. The first time BossOne answered. When Dad got on the phone he literally asked, “Was that BossOne?” I love that my Dad reads my blog! But that wasn’t the DBM (hi, Dad! Aren’t you glad I keep this somewhat anonymous? Well, except for your other two children, and Mom’s best friend, and anyone you’ve told to read this…) The second time he called, BossTwo answered. BossTwo came to tell me I had a call, “I think it’s your Dad, he sounds really confused.” Dad gets on the phone, “How come your bosses keep answering your cell phone?” I laughed, “Because it’s my work number you're calling.”


What about you? Any DBMs to report? Any of mine that you want to remind me of? Go ahead, make my day.


OTR sis said...

This one counts on so many levels:

While visiting Niagara Falls in high school I wondered allowed if the salmon are able to jump it.

Anonymous said...

Oh god. I mispelled aloud.

JimmyOfromMA said...

The irony of your spelling error does not escape me! :-P
Don't worry- I think I've had more than my share. Mine tend to take the form of slapstick comedy- like when I opened a single-serving box of Cheerios, and struggling with the bag, I tore it upen with an upward motion, sending a mushroom cloud shaped explosion of cereal over my head. They landed in a near perfect circle around me on the floor....in the dining common at work.
The author of this blog could probably tell you a few of mine too!