June 29, 2012

D*mn the virus, full steam ahead!

We've definitely had a snot nosed kid this week. And a hot babe!

Poor little guy had a temperature when I picked him up Tuesday from day care. It just kept going up and up (to 103.3 at it's worst). I've been working all week while having him home with me (talk about juggling!). Much as I love his little chubby hands, I don't love keeping them occupied and happy while trying to work.

Today the temperature finally broke, but he was fussier than normal and screamed  when I tried to feed him on the left side. After days of being super Mom ("it's just a virus, the pediatrician can't do anything for him. Diluted Pedialyte and Tylenol at night and he'll be fine."), the screaming while feeding convinced me to call the pediatrician.

Who said, "It's just a virus." Sigh. In fact, Roseola has been going around, so he might break out in a rash tomorrow. Of course, tonight, Jrex and I both feel queasy and tired. Here come the germs!

The thing is, we don't have time to be sick! Our house is the meeting place on Sunday for one cousin who is bringing up her two children from Austin, my Aunt A (what name did I give you/her?!), Uncle D, their two ferrets and my cousin from Denton. Austin and her husband will drive back home after dropping the kids off and the rest of us will hang out that afternoon and overnight. I'm really excited to see my family so we can't go into quarantine! Stay back, virus!


In other news, our bro-in-law, Writer, actually had his throat surgery after all. The pathology from what was in his neck showed it was "just" a benign result of the radiation he had earlier on his neck. So they've removed his voice box and hopefully all of the throat cancer. We'll find out sometime soon if the tumor had clean margins (which would mean they got all the cancer out). It's SUCH a relief to go from thinking he might die in the next 6-months to thinking he might be fine and see his daughter graduate from high school (or even elementary school!). As a teacher, I'm not sure how the lack of voice box will affect him, but I'm sure there are creative work-arounds. His bigger 'call' is as a writer anyway, so either way, he'll have more time for writing.


I visited a church Sunday that I've been to twice before. An older couple caught my eye when I went up to get prayer after the service.I gave the guy a quick overview, "Busy/overwhelmed/depressed husband, new baby, old house that's been overwhelming and just feeling tired."

The guy started out praying for the house, that what's been cursed would turn into a blessing. It was cool/freaky because that's what I've been praying the last couple weeks. It's really felt like God brought us to this house and intends it to be a blessing to us and others, but it's felt like a curse instead. There's been a lot of bad mojo in the house, so it was encouraging that the guy praying for me also heard that and prayed about it without me telling him anything specific.

The other stuff they prayed was all good and very personal and applicable. I've been feeling better since then (well, except for juggling little sicko). A big part of why I couldn't keep going to the Methodist church was that I'd go and leave and mostly feel like I'd checked off a box in a to-do list. I've had the privilege of going to a number of churches now where I get to have encounters with a God who is so much bigger than me and who is working and active. I couldn't get a little, tidy box version to work. It was so refreshing to be reminded that I'm not alone and that we aren't just trying to sweep the ocean back over and over.


Mizasiwa said...

Get well soon Brex and I hope the germs stayed away from you two - its all sickness all the time this side so i know how that feels although sometimes being sick in summer can be worse than winter ... anyway i hope all is sorted on your side and that you have a great time with the family!!

NGS said...

It's good to hear you sounding more upbeat, despite Brex's nasty sickness! Keep us updated!

Jack Towe said...

Good news. You've done much better than I on making friends. Keep it up. You'll be a grande dame yet.