June 14, 2012

Bad wife: example #2,476

In honor of Jrex's very first Father's Day, to celebrate his manhood, his studliness and all around great guy status, we are...

...letting him cook dinner; for us and for our friends M & J and their son, Way.

They had us over to their place a couple weeks ago for spur of the moment grilled steaks. We ended up eating at 8:30 pm, which is normal for us. I forget if I've mentioned M & J before, we went to see The Hunger Games with them as well as checking out a new local restaurant named Dr1ftwood. Their son is in daycare with ours and they've been wonderful about inviting us to neighborhood events and just being super friendly.

So, without thinking about the significance, when Jrex had an idea for creating gazpacho soup and fajitas, we thought of inviting them to head our way.

They were the ones who said that Sunday would work if we didn't mind that it was Father's Day.


I wasn't thinking about it (obviously). Jrex said he was OK with it. In addition to him having to cook, the other irony is that since M and J are both women, he'll be surrounded by estrogen on a day meant to celebrate men.

Sorry, babe! I'll make breakfast and lunch to try to offset your dinner obligation.

[hangs head in shame...]

All that said, I do have three cool birthday presents to give him and an event I'm treating him to tomorrow night that I think he'll enjoy. I don't think it's fair that he gets two big events within 10 days of each other! Here I was feeling virtuous for remembering his birthday so well... Sigh.

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Mizasiwa said...

I think it is great you remember his birthday Liam and I often forget and I think for the first three years we were together I forgot every year...last year he woke me up the day before my birthday convinced it was the 31st so much so I thought I got the day wrong (doh!!!) hope you guys have a great weekend and first fathers day!!