June 1, 2012

Buried alive!

My work was slow a couple weeks ago. Instead of just enjoying it, I got nervous that they'd forget about me and I'd get fired (though that would be ok, too!). Anyway, I sent out a 'Got Work?' email and have been buried alive ever since. Now it feels like they're all just dumping stuff on me since they can't see me bleed.

Mostly kidding.

Dad is here visiting and has already been a big help. Here in TX we have to file a Homestead exemption. We also received a $3000 jump in our property taxes. I haven't had the brain space to deal with any of that and Jrex certainly doesn't! The other day I realized, 'wait! Dad has a Real Estate license and went to Harvard law with a focus on contract law (I think. He'll correct me if I'm wrong. And ask me why I couldn't get off my balance ball in the office to step out and ask him as he sits/sleeps/works in the living room.) He went through all the confusion, pulled it together and mailed it yesterday (the final day to register a tax protest with the city). He came up with a very simple, elegant solution on the tax protest. If I have to go to a hearing, I hope I can articulate the defense as well as he did in the letter he wrote in our names!

We're going to stain the front door tomorrow. Yesterday was his birthday. We gave him a book and a card at breakfast (which we all ate separately at different times). Then for his birthday dinner, I'd given him three options: we make a fancy dinner at home, we take him out for a fancy dinner, or we go to worship and dinner at The Well Community. The Well is run out of a local church, it's a gathering place, a work environment (community garden and other projects) and a safe haven for adults in the neighborhood with mental illness.

Let's just say, we fit right in! After picking up Brex from day care we headed over. Lots of people came by to say hello to the baby. He took it all in stride. He rarely grins at strangers (he warms up slowly), but he wasn't at all nervous. The worship was genuine and completely not slick. The normal worship leader had an emergency so the guy who normally plays drums picked up a guitar. He couldn't quite handle playing and singing so a few of the community members jumped up and went to the mike to sing or do movement with the songs.

In any case, just letting you know we're alive and life is good.

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Mizasiwa said...

Good to hear from you again!!! Keep well.