January 27, 2009

Getting Better

Had a conference call between my creative director and the person coordinating from our other office on Friday. I felt totally corporate as I sat in the airport chatting about deliverables, events and project management. You know that surreal feeling when you watch yourself doing something and part of you is thinking, "This is not my life!"

In any case, the good news is that as I talked about the job, the coordinator finally broke in, "It doesn't sound like you need another designer, you need an event manager and a production artist." YES! EXACTLY. That's what I'd been telling my team and instead, kept getting fed the option of a second designer. I felt SO relieved that she got it and could so quickly offer the right solution. Perhaps this will work better than expected. We have another con call at 1 pm--so my corporate 'fake' life continues.

After all this, I'll be very ready to start my small boutique agency with me, an admin person (accounts, phones, details), and a super-skilled web designer. Cut out the BS.
The trip to Seattle was great. I had the wrong expectations for the trip though... Somehow I envisioned a relaxing time hanging out with my sister and her family. The good and the bad was that my brother cleared his schedule and was with us most of the time. The good? He's a great guy and it was fun to see him. The bad? He lives life in such an intense way that I'm tired now! When the kids took naps, Bro and I drove all around, went to the beach, rented videos, dropped by his apartment, etc.

Plus, I miss my sister and had looked forward to time to connect with her. Nothing was bad about the weekend, it just turned out differently than I'd anticipated. That's a whole 'nother topic: setting expectations and how that impacts experience.
It was great to get home. Jrex brought the mutt to the airport so it was quite the greeting committee. Then at home, he let me get work done while he made food to celebrate the Korean New Year (dumpling soup and seafood/scallion 'pancakes')
Sorry for a post without much snap. I'm tired and detail-overloaded, it's hard to be witty in this mode.

Overall, I'm grateful for the family I have and glad for the family that Jrex and I have become. Both are really, really good.


Rachel said...

Well, I'm glad they finally got it. Hope things move more smoothly now.

I know what you mean about the family trips. It can be hard to juggle all the different sets of expectations.

OTR sister said...

Good description of it all.

Mama Nabi said...

I'll be your admin person. (am the jill of all trades, you know.)

Ah... I've had many trips like that... kind of like my last trip to Korea. :-) I recall promises of photos on FB... hmmm.

Asianmommy said...

Glad you're in a good place right now. Happy Lunar New Year!

OTRgirl said...

MN: I would LOVE to have you here in the office bashing heads and making things work right. Come on over!