January 22, 2009

Where I'll be

January is a very silly time to travel 15 hours north. However, tickets are cheap and I figured the show stuff for work wouldn't be fully ramped up yet. I was wrong.

Ah well, life goes on. I put it on hold during last year's show and I just don't want to live like that for half of the next year. Let's see what happens when I have to be out for surgery! They're acting like it's the apocalypse for me to be gone Friday and Monday. (I meet with the doc on January 30th, so no further updates yet. I'm used to the idea and not freaked out by my hairball anymore, but will be glad to know next steps).

Looks like I get to try to use a designer on the east coast as my 'assistant' on this show. If that sounds ungainly, it IS! I'm very stressed about that process. I've realized more and more how hard it is for me to ask for help, esp when I'm under the gun. It's easier to just do it than to wrap my head around how to tell someone else to do it. I know it's a valuable life skill and part of becoming an art director, but YUCK. It would be a little easier if the person was sitting next to me. The Devil is trapped by his bosses (yes, the Devil isn't the top of the chain) and we have to give our internal system a try before I can hire a local solution.

So, yeah. Hmm... asking for help. Via web cam, ftp and screen share. We live in the future and I'm NOT happy about it. I guess it will give me great stories when people ask why I left my last job... ;-)

I AM, however, very happy at the thought of playing all weekend with my niece and nephew. There will be no pictures here due to privacy concerns, but I'll put some up on Facebook over the weekend.

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Rachel said...

Have fun with your family.

Your work sounds totally out of control. Hope everything works out okay.