January 6, 2009

This and that

One of the things that was freaking me out a bit around my OBGYN and all that fun and games was my insurance. I'd received a bill in the mail where everything had been rejected with "Not Eligible". I was freaked out this doctor I'd fallen in love with was out of network. As I got the ultrasound, I worried how much it might cost me. I finally called yesterday and found out someone added an extra zero to my account number and therefore, according to Blue Cross, I didn't exist. The doctor's office is resubmitting the bill and all should be fine.

It made me think of other friends who've endured even worse health journies with no insurance. I can't imagine having that extra level of junk to deal with in the midst of stuff that's already hard. Jrex pointed out a while ago that the number one reason for bankruptcy in this country is medical bills.

I really hope Obama, et. al., can come up with a workable solution. It's just embarrassing for a country as wealthy as ours that everyone has to fret about the doctor.

Over Christmas break, Lovey loaned me her car for two weeks. It was great to be fully independent. I could set up visits with friends without having to juggle husband, dog and timing. I could bring the dog to work (I got her car washed before returning it). I also realized anew that if I don't HAVE to exercise, I will rarely volunteer for it. (I haven't gone running in three months. Sigh. I guess it was a phase.)

That said, it felt great to get back on my bike today. I hadn't thought I'd missed it until I was gliding past 'my' egret on the way into work.

Still no resolution on the camera debate. Yet it's all I can think about. Last night, Jrex gave me the go ahead to buy a plane ticket to Seattle. In two weeks I'll get to play with my niece and nephew. I'm thrilled! Yet, back to the camera issue. I'd love to have one to bring with me . . . I've been looking at the Shutter Sisters website and drooling even worse. I want to post links to MY pictures! I want to do cool night photography and find the overlooked and underappreciated stories to highlight with my lens. I'm SO tempted to just by the Panasonic LX3 and just have something I would enjoy that will tide me over until the SLR issue can be resolved. I'm hoping to go look at one this weekend and see what I think.

Yet, given our recent budget discussions, I feel horrible about asking to buy something so expensive. What can I sell on Craigslist to offset that purchase? I don't have time/energy to offer design time. My cross-country ski set isn't that valuable. I don't have any furniture to get rid of. The barely used bread maker?! That could get us a little bit. Must get creative . . .


Rachel said...

Oh, you should get the camera of your dreams. I'm sure it will be worth every penny!

The insurance situation in this country is just awful. We spend *a lot* every month, and our insurance covers very little. We have been without in the past, though, so we are fortunate to have it now. I really feel bad for people who don't have insurance. Our country's spending priorities are totally out of whack.

Aimee said...

I hear ya on the insurance stuff. When Abbie got home from CCH, we received a bill that was "insurance pending." $136,000 for 25 days in the NICU. Not counting her tummy surgery, which I believe totaled $17,000.

My grandparents didn't have prescription coverage when he was fighting lung cancer. One of his meds, a shot, was $1000 or $1300 EACH. Thank God they had ample savings.

It's scary to think what people live with and put off because they don't have health insurance.

Funny about the Criagslist thing... I had a garage sale in September to earn money for winter clothes for the girls. It's a great feeling to get rid of something you don't use to get something you will use. Good luck on the camera decision. Sounds like a tough choice.

mary said...

LOL. thinking of stuff to sell? =) Those Shutter Sisters do take some mean pictures!

Have fun in Seattle!

Sarah-Ji said...

I can totally relate to the hemming and hawing over cameras. Honestly? I was very happy w/ my Nikon D50 which I got used off eBay for $350. If I hadn't dropped it (on Christmas Day, no less), I wouldn't have bought a new camera. One word of caution--like you, I love the wide open aperture, and if you get a Nikon D40 or D60, those are not compatible w/ the fast prime lenses except for the super duper expensive ($650!) 50mm f/1.4. The Sigma 30mm f/1.4 (which IS compatible w/ those cameras)is more reasonable at $350, but if you could get a camera that is compatible w/ the lovely and cheap 50 mm f/1.8 (either the Canon Rebel or any Nikon dSLR that isn't D40, D40x or D60), you may be better off. Also, I wouldn't worry too much about getting as much megapixel as you can, as that will only mean bigger sized files and a bigger price tag. My D50 is a 6MP, smaller than most point-and-shoots these days, and I never felt the need for more.

Some of the older model dSLRs are not that much more expensive than the Panasonic.

Hope that helps!

p.s. Glad you like the Shutter Sisters!

Asianmommy said...

Yes, get rid of the breadmaker. We haven't used ours in 10 years!

Sarah-Ji said...

Oops! I just found out that the Nikon AF-S 50mm f/1.4 lens is only (relatively speaking) $440, so it's comparable to the Sigma and will work on the D40 or D60. That being the case, if you can snag a D60, that might be the lens for you! I'd prefer an actual Nikon lens over Sigma if I can afford it.