August 9, 2007

A whole lotta nuttin

Most days I catch the train at 7:45, then bike 10 minutes to work. At the end of the day, the theory is that I'm leaving at 4:50 to catch a 5:18 train. Yeah, right. I wouldn't think 'losing' those extra five hours would impact me this much, but I'm getting worn out. Today I woke up early (thanks to someone else's alarm), but instead of just rolling over and insisting that I deserve/need/must-have-or-I-will-DIE more sleep, I decided to get up. Heck, I even walked the dog. I decided to take the 'late' train and get to work by 9:15. Then, being clearly out of my mind from waking up when it was still dark out, I got inspired to wash, grease and refill my bike tires.

Whirling in my brain for future posts:

-Conversation with a recent Boston transplant about what to wear for job interviews in NoCal.
-Sense of being in a foreign country when moving here from the east coast.
-How Muttola fooled the beach-based wedding reception into thinking she was a calm, well-trained dog.

What can I say? It's an exciting life here in Cali-forn-I-A.


scarp said...

Ok, help a girl out. I'm missing what you mean by "'losing' those extra 5 hours"...

I like having time in the morning. I got up a little earlier than needed this morning just to have the time to putz around rather than rushing out the door.

Anonymous said...

Last night I got up at 1 and was up till 5am, east coast time of course, the baby was sick, miserable, fever and the pukes, feeling your tiredness today, come on saturday!