August 5, 2007

Sunday Link Love

With this witty respose to the haircut 'drama', I might have to forgive him for becoming a millionaire at the expense of innocent doctors:


For projects that need a fine art touch, download from I spent time today drooling over details of Gaudi's architecture. Who has ever thought of decorating chimneys as though they are sentinels?

Finally, here's a fantastic short animation created entirely in Flash: Little Foot.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for steering us to three excellent sites.

It's astounding the quality and depth of material available for free on the net. I've bookmarked Artchive to go along with my Art History site -

E.g. A month ago at lunch after church, I sat down across from Bill, 30, who has long waivy
brown hair that comes down to
his shoulders. I said, "I've
seen your portrait. It's by
Albrecht Druer."

Bill was confused, of course. He'd never heard of the artist.

So, at home, I went to Art History, found Druer's 1500 self-portrait (where Druer is intentionally painting himself to look like the German idea of Jesus). I printed a copy on photo paper, and, the following Sunday, gave it to Bill.

He was astonished. It's him.