August 18, 2007

Let's all go to the Lobby!

Last night we rushed off to the movies for the 7:10 showing of Stardust. It was sold out so we bought tix for Bourne Ultimatum instead. However, once in the theater we decided to step into the 7:05 showing of Ratatoulle (sp?!) with the option of leaving for the 7:40 showing of the movie on our tickets. We never left.

I know most of you have probably already seen the 'little Chef' in action, but it was really fun. The physical comedy was amusing and the animators walked a very fine line of maintaining the 'ratness' of the animals without them being completely repulsive. For some strange reason, we both were STARVING on the ride home.

On the way out, we stepped into The Invasion. It's the Nicole Kidman redo of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Much of the film was shot in Baltimore. Even in the 10 minutes we watched, it was fun to see the old hometown. The firm I worked for in Baltimore printed most of the signs that hang in bus stops in the movie. My picture is on one of the "Missing" fliers though I don't know if it's ever visible in the movie. I'm hoping to go back with our three friends who moved here from old Balwmore. It's not the kind of movie I usually enjoy, but for nostalgia and personal history, I'll do it.

Has anyone else seen any good movies lately? Did we take the right pick of the non-Stardust options?


Rachel said...

Heh. It's funny that Ratatouille made you hungry.

I rarely go to see movies in the theater, so I don't know. I enjoyed Ratatouille, even though Bella didn't.

I've heard the Bourne Ultimatum is good. But really, you need to see Stardust. It was all the things I look for in a big summer movie.

Sandra said...

We've seen Harry Potter, The Simpsons Movie, and Stardust. Stardust was great, and really good fantasy movie. I'm glad there are more fantasy movies now than when I was growing up, it will give my daughter more things to watch. I haven't seet Bourne Ultimatum yet, just finished reading Bourne Identity, I want to see that and Rush Hour 3. We didn't see Ratatouille, and it isn't playing here any more :( So we'll have to wait until we can rent it.

Inkling said...

Henry David and I liked that movie too, and ironically, it also made me hungry. Actually, it also got me fired up to be creative in the kitchen again too, as I'd sort of languished in that department.

BTW, your comment about "nice cans" made me laugh so loudly that Henry David came into the room to see what I was laughing about. It still makes me laugh. And that's the only way I'll ever get anyone to say something like that to me. =)

Wistful one said...

I haven't seen that movie but I'm dying to see Bourne Ultimatum. I haven't heard of Stardust (I don't get out much). I rented a good movie recently -- The Painted Veil -- based on a novel by W. Somerset Maugham. It was excellent, I'd highly recommend...

Beloved said...

Hmmm. . . I'm not sure why, but I don't know anything about Stardust either. I'll have to check it out on Yahoo. My husband and I saw Rush Hour 3 last night which was a big disappointment.

My sister and I tried to see Ratatouille, but they were showing it on a small screen at our local theater (kind of like watching it on TV so why not wait for the DVD?), so we ended up seeing Chuck & Larry which was not bad, but nothing to rave about. I'm crazy about Adam Sandler and Kevin James, though.

mplscuz said...

Rented Hot Fuzz last night - really funny if you like police and small town satire mixed with english humor. But watch out for the gorey bits. Hope you are well :)

Anonymous said...

Your photo confused me.

Then, I realized that it was
a picture of glorious
granddaughter as an adult.

Then -- of course -- it was
only Nichole Kidman.