August 30, 2007

Because I'm a lemming

I mean, hey, I'm in the marketing/design world. I get it, self-promotion is good.

This guy is really good cause he's sweetening the pot with a digital camera. A nice one, not just the bootleg version he's trying to get rid of because his Mom couldn't manage to learn to use it.

He's doing the Stay at Home Dad route, Geek style. He's even coordinated with SmugMug to give away a bunch of prizes. Have I no shame? Will I do anything if the price is right? that a trick question? I've already designed for the military industrial complex--I've have no moral high ground.

From the quick overview I had today (it's FINALLY a slow day at work), Mike seems like a neat Dad who's using his web design skills and writing ability to make it work from home. Never an easy challenge. Check it out and help me win a camera!


Josh said...

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Josh Linker
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OTRgirl said...

Sigh. No camera for me. However, I DID win the Smugmug power user account for a year. No idea what that entails, but it was fun to see my name in a 'winner circle'.

Anonymous said...

Props to you for winning something!
We might give this guy (devdad) some business, since it's free, but we might need a consultation down the road.