August 15, 2006

Thanks for the memories!

Dear Mr. Big Man,

Thank you for being my husband's advisor. For showing him the consequences of procrastination and disorganization.

Thank you for the chance to live in a new part of the country for 2-3 years. And for picking an area where we'll get to downsize from a house to an apartment. For helping us simplify our lives.

Thank you for the chance to sell off most of my furniture. For helping me figure out what I value most.

Thank you for the adventure of leaving work three hours early to pick up your collie from the kennel. Thank you for telling me they were open til 5 pm and for telling me to call and make sure they bathed the dog. If I hadn't called I wouldn't have known they close at 4 pm.

Thank you for picking a kennel 40 minutes from work and 45 from my house.

Thank you for the chance to meet your assistant this morning at 4 am. She's very nice.

Thank you for the chance to drive your dog to the airport by 5 am. He's very nice and his smelly drool is a welcome addition to our hardwood floor. He is sweet though. Muttola followed him around all night and tried to get him to chase her. He stared after her darting form with old age bemusement.

Thank you for giving your dog a crate that barely allowed him to lay down. In fact, it was only slightly larger than a terrier's crate at the airport. We enjoyed the burst of fear that they would refuse him at the gate.

Thank you for leaving everything until the last possible instant. We adrenaline junkies appreciate these frequent fixes.

Thank you for taking your family on a 2 week vacation to Japan while letting your employees manage your lab's move. Your trust is invaluable.


Anonymous said...

And you wish you wrote funny blogs.

Of course, most Americans lack a sense of irony,
so indeed, they may not experience the humor
of this blog.

Bless you for translating your pain, bitterness,
hostility and resentment into a blessing.

Too bad Big Man will never read it.

revabi said...

Well written, too nice though to Big Man.
Hope it goes okay with the Dog.

k. said...

Hey, I didn't know Mr. Big Man lived in Baltimore too! I thought he lived across the street in the mansion supplied by Prestigious Academy.... Would you like me to egg his house when I get home?

This, too, soon shall pass. Really.

bg's Little Sis said...

Ooh, boy, that stinks, your making it hilarious is a coup, and your finding the silver lining is a blessing you have.

sorry for the troubles, I'll help egg the house too if only through the ether!

Mama Nabi said...

I've coordinated many lab moves so I can understand your pain. It's absolutely frustrating when they expect you to handle everything - um, yeah, this is YOUR lab? Wow, a vacation while his lab is moving? That man is either a daredevil or a village idiot.

I'm impressed that you were still able to express humor regarding the situation! In a similar incident, I just spluttered and stomped around!

weigook saram said...

Ugh. He sounds like such a jerk. I can't believe he actually left the country during the move!

scarp said...

So, after reading that entry aloud to 5 members of my family (because you know how we love irony and sarcasm), my sister processed for a minute and then asked, "Wait, so all that is really happening...? I mean, at first I thought she was writing about real things, but as it went on I thought she must have started making things up..."

Glad to hear that the whole dog thing went soooo weelll. Really am glad that you did call in time to find out they closed at 4 - I don't want to even want to think about the fiasco of them having closed before you got there.

I'm praying for you...

snickollet said...

Bah, he's worse than I ever imagined!

Sorry you had to deal with all that.

OTRgirl said...

Thanks for all the sympathy! The 'hard' part is that he really is a nice guy, just oblivious and a bit self-absorbed. But even then I have sympathy cause his mom died last year. So I can't even fantasize about the egging cause I know how overwhelmed I was after my mom's death. My only outlet was the blog--so thanks for laughing with me!

Mama Nabi, you nailed it! And I don't even work in the lab. The people who do are losing their minds! I vote 'village idiot'.

Scarp, your comment about your sister made me laugh! Truth truly is stranger than fiction.