August 7, 2006

Crimes against humanity

See that little orange thing in the sky? That’s the sun. At 6:33 AM this morning. It’s been a general policy of mine to NOT see pretty sunrises. Sunsets? No problem. I love watching a lovely sunset. I love watching the stars at night. But morning? Ugh. Notice the light posts? I was stopping by McD’s on my way to a client meeting at 7 AM. Ante Meridian=Anti Me.

The worst part is that very early in the morning or very late at night, I get a bit slaphappy. This causes me lose what small filter I have blocking comments from popping out of my mouth. We were meeting a new client to look through their national call center and come up with a navigation system for the space. The guy showing us around seemed to have a good sense of humor, which only encouraged me to do little quips here and there. I even managed to fake it like I had some creative notions despite the hour. I suppose they wanted us there before most of people arrived for work.

Near the end of the tour he mentioned the remaining administrative banners they would need. “We’ll also need signs for ‘store service’, ‘after-sales’, and ‘cash room’.” I grinned, “That’s so when the burglar breaks in, he’ll know where to go.” He laughed, but my boss looked mortified!

I’m actually really excited to work on this project because it’s the call center for my favorite store. I volunteered to relieve them of the leather chaise lounge in the ‘as-is’ section, but sadly, he also took that as a joke.


thinker said...

Part of me is trying to sympathize with the early hour that you needed to be at work this morning. But the part of me that has been working 12 hour days that start at 7 for the last month is having a hard time -but can totally relate. I am not a morning person AT ALL, so I have had to do a lot of faking alertness lately, I actually try to not talk to anyone until about 9 am. It's sort of nuts when 10 hour days start to feel like you are getting out early! I hear you may be heading north before you head west, I hope I get to see you when you are here. Sorry for my lack of contact the last few months, the above is a partial explanation for that.

Inkling said...

I totally understand the non-morning thing. And just so you know, I appreciate your sense of humor. It's quite refreshing, whether or not it mortifies your boss. Being "professional" isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially if it means being "boring". Keep on being yourself. Our world is a better (and funnier) place because of it. =)