August 4, 2006


I'm sorry for the lackluster blogging lately. Between interviewing potential replacements, surfing the net for jobs, correcting my on-line portfolio, and being semi-brain dead due to detail overload, I just have had a hard time knowing what to write (much less actually proofing my posts!!)

Today we interviewed the supposed finalists for my job replacement. But my bosses didn't like them. They offered $29-32,000 range for salary! That's an embarrassment. I've been grossly underpaid, but not like that. The woman we interviewed asked for $43,000 which is MUCH more realistic, esp since my bosses don't offer health insurance. I had no idea what they planned to offer and I feel so ashamed they went so low. In any case, we're back to the drawing board (no pun intended). Which means more interviews, more interruptions, ugh. I'm sadly neglecting the few clients I have right now.

Really, the bottom line is that I'm done here. It's very hard to make myself care. I wish I knew how to write about such things and make them totally hilarious. I love how finslippy can talk about the weather, or dooce about going to Old Navy and make it funny. Alas, alack, you get no such brilliance here.


country mouse said...

well, honestly there's not much humor in offering someone way less than they're worth! so much for wrapping things up, huh? that's a lot of work for you, i'm sure. Hang in there, have a date to leave and their office is ultimately THEIR responsibility, not yours.

weigook saram said...

Eh, I'm sure blogging is the least of your worries. Sounds like a lot of stress. I can't believe they are paying so little!

There is only one, and will only ever be one Dooce. I think her success is well-earned.

Anonymous said...

.You're a lot funnier than you realize.

Dooce? Yes, she's brilliant. But, so are you.

I remember a story I got from Leo Rosten. Rabbi
Shlomo died and went to heaven. He said, "Oh, Almighty One, forgive me for not being Moses."
The Lord replied, "But, I didn't want you to be Moses.
I wanted you to be Rabbi Shlomo."

Pain happens to all of us. Just let it flow. Give your reactions. Often that cracks us up.

Lori said...

It's the day-to-day stuff that I find interesting, and I love reading your weblog. No worries - just check in from time to time! :)