July 13, 2006

Still Waiting

We did get an offer. It is for asking price, they just want us to pay the taxes and transfer fees. We've countered with raising the price of the house to that amount (which leaves them more cash in hand at closing). Nothing signed yet. We're supposed to go back to the realtor's at 5:30 to sign the contract.

The buyers are first time home buyers with a dog. The woman is from Austrailia and the guy is from South Carolina. My biggest concern was finding people who would love the house as much as we have. Our realtor says this couple came to the open house and fell in love. They've put together financing and everything this week just so they could get our house. If it all works out I would love for them to be able to come to a farewell/hello block party in August so we can introduce them to the neighbors.

I know you pay your realtor to be nice to you, functionally, but its still nice to hear that we've done everything right, that there's a lot of buzz about the house, we priced it right, it looks great, etc.

Of course this morning, being somewhat lazy and rebellious, I didn't make the bed, left the shades down, threw away the slightly wilting fresh flowers and left dishes in the sink. While at work I got a call that a realtor wanted to go by our house in half an hour. I would have shrugged off my slovenly ways, but I also left the dog at the house uncrated! As often as you say your dog is friendly and won't bite, one would HOPE that if a stranger walked through the front door, the dog would function as a guard dog and DO something. So I raced home (I do love my bosses on days like this!), cleaned the house, grabbed the dog and returned to work. I was just finishing, but still in the house, when the realtor showed up. I was able to add fuel to the fire and tell him that we might sign a contract soon, so he should get his client to the house asap. He thought she would love the house so he was going to try. We may get a bidding war yet.

Last night we were homeless again since someone wanted to view the house between 7 and 8 pm. Picnic in the park (in the sprinkling rain). While there I mentioned to Jrex that there were two things that were making me sad. One was selling the house, the other was feeling wounded that no one wanted it right away. It's such a great house, why doesn't someone snap it up?!! Once we got the offer, I only had one thing to feel bad about. But on the whole I'm feeling excited. It helps I found a house we could afford in the Bay area. Ha!


scarp said...

Sounds like a crazy in a mostly good kind of way day. Glad to hear that if anything, you should at least get what you asked for. And it is so good to know that the people buying it love it like you do. I know we've (my parents/family, that is) experienced that as the buyers and the sellers, and it really helps everyone involved make the transition.

Aimee said...

Good luck! I do hope you get a bidding war. That would be awesome for you.

Kudos to your boss who let you leave to put the dog away and freshen up.

I'm sorry you're feeling sad about selling your house. Though I can't really empathize (as I can't *wait* to sell our old house), would it make you feel any better to know that I'm almost insanely jealous of you right now? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm keeping my finger crossed for you and JRex. That's some pretty awesome appreciation on your investment, on your baby, on your Home...so that's worth something, right? I hope you find a way to hide that money away so that it serves you really well in a year or two when you are in a place to buy your next awesome Home, so that all your work was not in vain, so that the concept of Home does not become a foreign one.

In the end, this move might be for the best, right? Try telling yourself that. It might work. :-/

I'm trying the same, with mixed results. But still finding some optimism deep down. It really might be for the best.

And different opinions on God or not, we'll be there to help each other, right? Right.


Everblest said...

Praying it sells well and when you need it to.

bg's Little Sis said...

Good things on all fronts. I miss one of my childhood homes, always will, nostalgia I guess.