June 4, 2006

To answer your questions…

My father is taking after his father. The wonderful in-depth questions in the last comment are, I assume, from my Dad.

Yeah, the Irish prosperity, known locally as ‘the Celtic tiger’, is evidenced everywhere. There are new houses springing up each place we’ve visited. Apparently the Irish put a huge value (not surprisingly) on owning land and parents will mortgage their own homes to buy property for their children. The rumors of home prices in Dublin are putting Northern California to shame. Even here in a rural county (Co. Kerry) a piece of land with no house, is selling for 100,000 euro (aprox. 140,000 dollars).

Due to the prosperity and education of the young, and the recent sex scandals in the Catholic church, as overheard in a market on Friday, “religions gone a bit out of fashion, you know?” (meaning the Catholic faith).

I find time to write because I seem to need less sleep than the two I’m traveling with. I wake up earlier and go to bed later. I think it’s cause the sun sets at 10 pm and rises again at 4 am.

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