June 27, 2006

Service with a smile (through my gritted teeth)

In more house fun and games I went to Home Depot last night. I opened a can of paint to repaint a wall in the bedroom and it had mold in it. (I didn't know paint could grow mold?!) I took the can (with the formula clearly imprinted on the lid) to HD for a supposed 5 minute deal. At 7:45 pm. I waited 15 minutes while they called and called for someone to come to the paint department. A guy showed up without the orange apron. He works in receiving and felt awful that people were waiting. He knew the 'real' paint guy was on lunch break and was trying to be helpful. He didn't know how to just program in the number, so he tried to get a mold-free bit of paint so he could attempt to use the color matching system. Nothing worked. Based on his accent he seemed to be from Africa. In the midst of all this fuss and bother, Jrex called to say he was coming home.

I told him what was going on. He recommended just coming home and trying again later. While he was talking, the HD guy kept asking me questions. Jrex felt that I was wasting time trying to get something 'close enough' (what, has he been married to me long? To know that close enough is never good enough for me--at least for house stuff) I finally had to ask Jrex if I could just call him back. After we tried two more things the paint guy shows up from what had to be the longest lunch break ever. He knows how to punch in the formula and it was, in fact, a 5 minute deal. 45 minutes later.

I called Jrex back and explained that after the other guy was trying so hard I didn't want to be the snippy white American and leave. He totally understood the situation (but was relieved we got an exact match).

So I went home and painted til 12:30 am. And woke this morning to discover that the paint guy hadn't let the color mix long enough, so its lighter than the rest of the paint.

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bg's Little Sis said...

Feeling your pain here in Virginia, same stuff happened to us. I just painted the whole thing over, the thought of going back to the store for another debacle was too much for me to bear. Hope the home improvement front, er, improves*smile*