June 20, 2006

That slurping sound you hear is my brain going down the drain.

Posting may get slow here for a while. We're in the midst of readying the house to sell it. We're on day 3 of the awning-from-heck fiasco. Who knew that paint stripper would just reconfigure the paint into stucco with the strength of steel? That power sanders are limited creatures? That caulk needs 24 hours to dry (as does oil-based primer) and that we only have a 48 hour window between last night's rainstorms and the ones that are coming? We're looking forward to our upcoming adventures: surfing the uneven bathroom floor with cheap stick-on linoleum, scraping carbon monoxide induced bubbles from the bedroom walls, drywall patching and painting and last but not least, the fine art of the wallpaper strip. I have an offer from a friend to come and help clean the house. I hope she really meant that!!

Here at work I've lost all momentum. Clients want design work and I just don't care. One of my client's work was all backed up onto a now unreadable DVD. ALL their work. Do you have any idea how much it costs to retrieve data from a DVD? IF they can get anything off it it's between $900-1400!!! Fuggetabahtit.

I've begun surfing for jobs in Cally. Which of course freaked me out cause I need an updated online portfolio. Which means digging out and photographing my work. Or creating digital layouts, or whatever. Plus doing the website. Resumes. Keywords. Searches. Research. Applications. And, hopefully, interviews. I have to get a job lined up asap so we know where to get an apartment (and how much we can afford). Whether we need a second car. Whether we should totally panic about the whirlpool sucking down all our life savings into the pit of this move. Oh, look, a tiny little chunk came back up! It's the token reimbursement for moving expenses. NOW I feel better.

Bottom line, for now I need to focus on the house. Once its on the market I'll bust my butt and get the job process going. Oh yeah, one more highlight. I chatted with my Dad last night who had this encouraging word, "What do you do if you get to the closing and the deal falls through?" Hmm... I don't know? Run screaming into the woods? Thanks for the scenario, Dad!

Just give me a call at 1-800-WHERE'S MY FAIRY GODMOTHER if you find her.


bg's Little Sis said...

Don't forget to Breathe. Sending you much luck on the home stuff and really good karma on the job stuff too!

All the Best,


Aimee said...

Tip for the wallpaper removal: Dilute some fabric softener in water and spray on the wall. It helps tremendously.

You'll have to wipe down the walls before you prime and paint. But it's a lot easier.

Good luck with your home renovation. My husband and I are diong the same thing. Our old house is like the Money Pit.

snickollet said...

Twins are starting to sound easier and easier :).

Seriously, good luck. Wish I could help. Really! I do. I'll be thinking of you and Jrex and sending good vibes your way.

OTRgirl said...

Thanks for the wallpaper tip! Actually, after removing a wallpaper border, I'll need to reapply it. How do I do that? I'm a great painter, but I've never dealt with wallpapering.

L said...

Ack, that sounds like so much to do! I know, I'm so helpful. heh heh.

I'm sure if you just focus and work like a mad woman, you'll get it done really quickly and then you can focus on the move. So stressful, though!

weigook saram said...

Wow, you have so much going on right now. I know nothing about home renovation, but that sounds really, really hard.

Good luck. :)