June 28, 2006

How much is too much?

We just met with our realtor to sign the seller's contract. Of course we needed to also decide the price for the house. We didn't expect the house to almost double in value in four years so we're happy with whatever at this point. Its above what we expected and we want it to sell this summer. Apparently the market has really slowed down. Lots of houses are sitting for more than 60 days. NO GOOD for us. I want this done. After examining the comps the realtor suggested a price range. We were comfortable with the low middle of that range.

(Now, she and her husband have become much enjoyed friends of ours and during our meeting blogging came up. I sent her here to show her a sample. She had no idea what blogging was about. Which means she may be reading this. If so, hi, hon! Just trying to process with my 'peeps.)

She said she thought we were being 'aggressively conservative'. Hmph. That feels like a dare. I know she truly has our best interests at heart. Really. Three percent of $5,000 is more than nothing, but not by much. We have to figure out how to gamble. Pick the right price for the market and jump in. What we're realizing though is that we're not financial risk takers. We'd prefer the sure thing with less worry and less hassle. Cause, lets face it 60 DAYS of model home maintainence might just kill us. I mean, you only get an hour warning before someone comes to see the house. It usually takes me 5 hours of hard work before we have guests over. Why mop when you can do something else with your time? That's definitely a place I procrastinate.

Oh, she also pushed back the open houses. Public showing Sunday July 9th, Broker Open House on the 12th. Phew! Now we can get all the tweaky things done as well as the big ones. Her biggest concern was the attic office (or 3rd bedroom): the sacred repository of Jrex's geological organizational methods. He's been making great progress with all the sorting and trashing that needs to happen. He's scaled back his experiments so he can focus on the house. I'm loving the team effort. What a good husband.

(Yesterday was his birthday! I celebrated by going to my small group. Bad wife. But we went out to dinner Sunday and once we get a contract, he's buying a lovely steak and we'll open an aged wine and toast the next phase of the adventure.)

Any opinions from the great home buying/selling public? Any gambling advice? (And yes, scarp, we already prayed and asked for a price. That was the one that got us the 'aggressive conservative' comment. It's likely what we'll go for, but I just like to brainstorm all possibilities before picking one)


otr sister said...

I love that you are blogging so much. Keeps me entertained.

As for the house, aren't you moving in October? Where will you live if your house sells quickly?

I had a friend who would bake cookies before people would view the house so they could enjoy the smell. Classic overachiever.

bg's Little Sis said...

From experience the cookies worked, just don't set on regular temp, set on low, cook VERY slow, they won't burn but smell good. Fresh flowers were a hit too. We ended up storing so much stuff, (friend's basement thankfully saved us funds) because the less personal and clutter stuff the more "open" the space looked. If you know anyone that stages rooms well, your agent may, it's worth the fee, but she may do it for free too! We had an interior design friend who did room staging, I think it helped out a lot. If you don't I'd recommend HGTV shows, like Designed to Sell, lots of good ideas! Sold in 3 weeks! Good luck to you all on it, I hated the call at 8:10 on Saturday morning, "Can we come show the house at 9?" But of course you can, I became the master at the "quick clean"

L said...

I hope you guys can sell soon. Will be nice to not stress about that, on top of moving to Cali. My parents put their house on the market for about two weeks and felt like they were living in a museum - they had to make the bed before they left for work (at 6:00am), eat non stinky foods (lots of McDonalds, Kimchi eaten outside on the deck) and put a diaper on their bratty incontinent dog. Heh. But it was worth it, because they got an offer quite soon.

Hey wait.. this comment isn't helpful to you necessarily, now is it? SORRY.

Ok, back to the point - fresh flowers do seem to help. And I recommend keeping the blinds/curtains open during the day. It's nice to walk into a place that is nice and bright. But also, I liked walking into houses that were clean but obviously lived in. I know alot of realtors suggest taking down personal items and pictures, but one of the things I loved about the house we are buying is that they kept their family pictures on the walls, the girls bedrooms fun and bright and the kitchen was very clean but obviously still in use. It's nice to get a warm feel when you walk in the door.

Aimee said...

Congratulations on signing a seller's contract!

I am *so* jealous! :-)

You've gotten some great ideas. Others I've heard of include baking an applie pie on low setting (Mrs. Smith's all the way... no "from scratch" here) or baking bread/rolls, again, on low heat.

Fresh flowers are great. For the open house, light candles on kitchen/dinning room tables and anywhere you normally would (bathroom, maybe?). If you have a fireplace, get a candle holder for fireplaces (we got ours at Pier 1) so you can have light in that area without a fire...

Here are a few sites I've found. I hope that we join you as home sellers soon. We're still in the "fixing it up" stage. We've BEEN there for over a year now. Grr. *MY* husband is the MASTER procrastinator! :-)

HTH. If you can't open the links, come over to my blog and comment somewhere... I'll get them to ya.





Deirdre said...

Good luck!

I have no advice - real estate makes me dizzy.

scarp said...

well, thats about all the advice I could give on this topic, sooo...

s'pose I'll pray you have confirmation...