June 21, 2006

A Game called Trace

In case any of you want to join in the 'fun'.

1. Triggering Event or Situation
2. Brings a feeling (old or new?)
3. Your behavior / response as a result
To the other
To yourself
4. What is the lie you believe?
5. What is the truth of God’s word?
6. What is your responsibility in the matter?
7. Where is grace for yourself or the other?
8. Acceptance
Now is the time for change or action

Another way of showing the progression:

Sin > Truth (Awareness phase)
Truth > Grace (God phase)
Grace > Action (God + me)

If we act first, it’s out of our fleshly response, which is based in a lie. We want to learn to act from a place of truth and grace both for ourselves and for people around us.


Anonymous said...

Trace sounds fascinating.

But I'm not sure I understand it's application.

Please give an example.

OTRgirl said...

Trace is a way of getting to the emotion behind your initial reaction to a situation.

Random made up example with made up emotional responses:
1 Trigger: My boss yells at me.

2 Feeling: I get furious (new feeling) it makes me feel insecure (old feeling)

3 Behavior: I withdraw and stop talking.

4 Lie: I must have deserved that.

5. Truth: I am God's workmanship and worthy of honor

6. Responsibility: Tell boss he hurt my feelings

7. Grace: seeing need for compassion and understanding for my boss.

8. It wasn't about me, it was his inability to handle stress.

Now go and talk to him.