June 14, 2006

Busy Busy

I'm home safely. Jrex brought the dog with him to the airport. A happy reunion was had by all!

I met Snickollet during my 5 hour layover in Boston. That was fun. She doesn't look any bigger than my sister did (actually a little smaller) at the end of her pregnancy, but she has two in there! As has often been noted by other bloggers when they meet each other in person, it was much more like meeting an old friend rather than meeting a new person.

Apparently, the move is now official. I put in a job application yesterday, more as a feeler than anything else. I looked at apartments. We can get a two-bedroom apartment for 'only' $600 more than we're paying here for our mortgage. Not cheap by any means, but only a third more than our current mortgage so not as quite as bad as I thought it might be. We may have to suck it up and get a one bedroom, but we'll see. (I hate having a TV in the living room and will NOT have one in the bedroom. I'd love to not have it at all, but that's not entirely up to me...Plus we like being able to have people visit.) On the plus side, lots of the apartment complexes have a pool, 'heated spa' and an exercise room. I'm starting to think apartment living might not be so bad! ;-)

I started a new small group last night (yes, 24 hours after returning). I'm co-leading with another woman from church and she organized the whole thing while I was away. I got to nap for three hours in the afternoon, so that was good. In terms of small groups, I've grown tired of chit-chatty small/home/life/whatever you call them groups. So are the other women who came last night. I began with some basic principles for small group (given at the retreats I go to once a year). 1. It's better to care than to cure. 2. Stay in the Room (tell your own story) 3. When someone shares a failure neither alibi it nor condemn it 4. Whatever is shared stays in the group 5. Allow each other more than one chapter in life 6. Leave room for Grace. We shared what our hopes and needs were for this group. And we dived off the deep end. We all were so amazed and humbled by each others honesty and pain. I can't tell you how glad I am that I will get to know each of these women and that they will walk with me as I wrestle with God this summer. (The whole wrestling thing is a whole 'nother post...)

Back to work. Back to fixing up the house. Back to endless to-do lists. Back to annoying clients and projects I don't want to do. Back to busy.

But now I know that when I'm stressed, it's good to stop for a pot of tea!


Fuck You Google said...

Hey, I really enjoy your blog!

It's great.

OTRgirl said...

The above comment leads to an ad blog. Please ignore! (didn't want to leave you wondering what horrible comment I had to delete...)

weigook saram said...

Hey OTRgirl, glad you made it back safely, and that you got to meet Snickollet.

And, totally unrelated, but can you email me? There's something I need to ask you. TY. :)

L said...

Welcome home safely!

Your small group sounds great. It would be nice to start something like that for my church, too. Too bad you're not moving to Seattle! ;)

snickollet said...

Welcome home. So glad you happened through Boston on your way there.

Your small group sounds great. And your move is official! Wow. Lots going on. Don't forget to drink tea!