November 20, 2009


What a day. One of the things keeping me really busy has been a confernce for 15,000+ people. It just finished. Anyway, I found out today that the C.E.0. had a hissy fit yesterday. People weren't going into his big speech session and he jumped all over our company and his own employees about it. He made them turn out the lights in every other part of the confernce centr to force people to go hear him speak. He screamed at his employees and called them idiots. He threatened to fire us as an agency. He made our senior executive here in the local office call our worldwide exec. The rumor is that our World Leader told the Local Leader that if the client was going to treat people like that, feel free to fire the client. Good answer. We didn't fire them, but it was a good answer.

Anyway, as of today, the client-side account lead, who bore the brunt of Meglomaniac's wrath has resigned immediately. I totally respect her, but she was the main person who buffered us from the client's craziness. I'm SO glad I'm not the lead designer on that show. What a mess.

On a much smaller, less exciting level, I worked until 9 pm last night but came up with three strong concepts to show a different client today. They really liked them. I'll spend next week polishing them and then we'll go back a week from Monday. It feels like it takes 4-5 days to work my way past the blank canvas and make something work. Then I think I'm fast cause I can pull together the presentation in two days. Yet I always forget how long it takes me to get there.

Jrex has been very sweet throughout the process: making food, picking me up when it gets late, letting me go climbing on my early nights. I love him.

Thank GOD I didn't marry a Meglomaniac!


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You are swimming in such a different world than I can even imagine! Hope you guys have a great TYD. We gotta visit sometime; I miss you both!

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i so dislike work drama.