November 11, 2009

Brain Drippings

I like NaBlaPo (or whatever it's officially called). Lots of bloggers commit to writing one entry a day. Just when everyone gets tired and busy, there's a fresh energy injection into the blogosphere.

I wish I had the mental capacity to participate.

Blog posts I enjoy reading delve into emotions and events while reflecting on meaning. The reality right now is that I don't have time to FEEL, much less reflect! It's so sad. I finish work at 8:30-10 pm, stumble home, read a little and go to sleep, stumble out of bed, walk the dog and head for work. We're finishing things for a 10,000 person conference that opens on Monday, so that's intense. Plus, I'm creative lead for a new client. We are tasked with developing the show's theme and look and feel. They want to finish it up by Thanksgiving. Today I went down there with Hapless, our creative director and Energized Sadness, one of our account executives. We had a great meeting, and by next Friday I have to deliver mood boards and directions for the branding. I feel a bit rusty, but excited. I would just like the time to really think about it and come up with some fun, creative solutions, but see above . . .

Anyway, just wanted to tell you why my posts have seemed 'distant' (aka bland) lately. I'm hoping December will be a time of refreshing and recuperating from all this!

Other tidbits:
  • Our current Big Client gave away four round-trip plane tickets. I won one of them. I'll probably use it to visit my bro and sis in Seattle, unless we have some family emergency across the country again.
  • I'm getting a reputation within my department for being hyper-organized and for being everyone's favorite designer. It's nice to feel more and more confident in what I do, but I don't want that to be off-putting to my design buddies.
  • Jrex is close to resubmitting his paper! Can't wait for that to be accepted (pray, pray, pray)
  • The mutt grew a beautiful coat of fur for winter, and then we hit two weeks with temps in the 60's and 70's during the day. I looked down at her this morning and realized her fur was coming out in huge clumps. Stupid global warming.
  • Instead of going to LA to visit Jrex's sister and family for Thanksgiving, we found out last weekend that even though they talked about it, she's not really expecting us. Oh, and Mom needs to be with us for Christmas, that's ok right? We've adjusted to the surprise, but it was a bit of whiplash for both of us.

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Inkling said...

You know, sometimes I think your job sounds so glamorous. I know you probably laugh at that and think that I don't see all the hard work that goes into each project. Makes me wish I had a marketable talent like that....geez, I just wish I could draw something...anything. =)