November 30, 2009

For what am I grateful?

  • That when I'm sick on Thanksgiving, I can lounge around in bed and read books.
  • That Jrex and I can survive a big money fight (I overspent the budget). I'm grateful that we've learned tools for listening that even allow us to learn more about each other and how we think in the process. My Mom always had money-related hissy fits. The sad truth is that as a child, it meant that I learned to let such rants roll off my back. Also, no matter how much she kept repeating that there was no money, there was always enough--so I don't have a sense of money as a static element. It's always felt very fluid to me. Because of that poor Jrex has had to repeat himself, re-articulate his points, find new analogies. Do that over and over to get through to me enough to really change my mindset. It's changed slowly over the years, but it's been a very hard process for both of us.
  • Smooth sailing with our new client. It's refreshing to have a smart, responsive client for once! Of course, that's also because it's a smaller show, so there are fewer approvers.
  • One thing that amazes me: we've only been here three years, but it already feels like we have a great community. That usually takes 4-5 years. I'm grateful to be surrounded by other people who are social catalysts instead of me being the main one.
  • A silly little dog who tries to make me chase her around the house. Has she still not learned that I'm not a morning person and such craziness needs to wait until the afternoon?
  • A new project that seems to be progressing well.
  • Jrex's mother joining us for over 2 weeks for Christmas and the New Year.
  • Climbing partners who push me past my comfort zone and who listen to life's ongoing dramas.
What's on your list?


mary said...

What a great list. Money is the #1 topic of fights between couples.

I guess I'm grateful that the hubs and I never fight about money! (not because we have tons of it but because we have similar values about spending it i think)

Snickollet said...

Wonderful list.

I can't believe you've been where you are "only" three years. As a reader, it seems shorter! Glad you feel so settled there.

Mama Nabi said...

I am grateful for friends like you. :-) No, really, I am. Amazing how much support words on a blog comment can provide. How's JRex's mom doing?

Isn't it funny (not so much haha) that our own parents' monetary hangups or lack thereof can shape how we decide to spend?

OTR sister said...

I'm really grateful for my siblings. This year had the potential to have a lot of angst and drama but instead it feels like miracle after miracle.

We've been praying for something in our brother's life for 25 years and it happened last year. Yet all of us seem so blasé about it, me included. Maybe we don't think it's real. But when I stop and think about it I'm SO FREAKING THANKFUL.

Anonymous said...

What am I thankful for?

You, among others.