November 8, 2009


I've dropped off the face of the earth. Why? Busy enough at work that I don't have time to troll the internet. That sounds like a respectable reason. Oh, friends, I'm SO important and SO busy. Please forgive me. Blah. Blah. Blah.

The sordid truth? Well, I am busy at work, but at home I've been obsessed with finding THE laptop sleeve. It has to fit easily in my AWESOME messenger bag (mine just has black trim, not the blueness you see here) Which means, ideal at 14.5 inches wide x 11 inches tall. WITH a pocket to stash gear. AND handles in case I need to run out without the big bag. Oh, and look good without being too girly or too geek-head. PLUS under $30 would be great.

I swear I've looked at a hundred variations on the theme.

Built's Cargo Bag, $45. A little tall for my bag and no handles.

Cocoon's portfolio bag would be perfect, but it's too big to fit my messenger bag. $60 (but I wouldn't have to buy an additional bag for all the cables, power cords, mouse, etc.)
SFBags. Really, really boring, but snug fit and optional flap. $42. Flap is $15.
I might give up on the gear pocket and go with this one by Skooba. It's on sale for $18. Orange interior, plus the flaps open up and become handles. If I get this one, then I have to look around for a case for the other crap that goes with toting a laptop for travel.

Which brings me to the problem with the internet: I like to know all my possibilities. When I looked at houses, I wanted to see every house in the city that fit my criteria. It helps me to not have regrets later. Silences the what-ifs. Allows me to feel content with how I spent my money. If that involves seeing 20 houses, that's doable, even if it drives your realtor a little crazy. If it involves checking out three stores and then going back to the first one to get the third item I looked at? Also doable. Shopping online? It's overwhelming.

It also means I don't have a good reason for my on-line silence. Who has time for FB or friends when one is shopping every night! (oh, and reading novels, playing with the dog and waiting for a husband to finish working on his paper so one can chat for five minutes before going to sleep. Well, even that's a lie since I keep saying, "I'm going to stay up and 'work' a little longer, dear. Sleep well!").

Is anyone else this obsessive? I go to Goodwill and pull thirty things off the shelf and end up buying five of them. I do acknowledge how silly this blog post is! Which is why I haven't been blogging much. It's the case of only being able to write about what I'm thinking about. And if I write about THIS, I'll have to face how crazy I've become.

Ah, madness. And blindness. And now for sleep...


Aimee said...

My Hubby is this obsessive when he/we is/are buying anything tech-related. He will search and then read reviews.

I'm guilty of looking a lot and reading reviews, especially with expensive purchases.

I absolutely get the looking and looking and looking. I'm doing the same thing.... with Christmas dresses for the girls. lol. Good luck! I hope you find the bag that is perfect for you and what you need.

otrmama said...

Ah, OTR Girl! It's so nice to see you're back here for a moment anyway. I was afraid you were finshed blogging and I love your blogs. I think you're looking in the wrong place for that case....try an art store. I've found some wonderful things in art stores, like a leather scketch book cover with handles and really nice padded "supply" bags. PS. That's how to shop at Goodwill!