November 23, 2009

Movie Nights

We actually had early enough nights this weekend to watch two movies. From NetFlicks, we'd ordered Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. It was really vulgar, but also really funny. During some scenes (rabid raccoon, flashing at the Asian party, the food gorging at the end) we just had to fast forward, it was too much. Yet the movie hit (and burst) almost every racial stereotype in funny, smart ways. Responsible, law-abiding, hard-working Korean? Check. Smart, geeky, trying-to-be-cool Indian guy? Definitely. Black men imprisoned for being in the wrong place with the wrong skin color? Check and check. Masochistic, power-hungry white guys? Too many checks to count.

We're looking forward to what they do in Guantanimo.

Last night we watched Definitely, Maybe. Now, we enjoyed it, but we both have a sap-factor and like romantic comedies. This one plays with expectations more than most, and I like that. There's also a great father-daughter relationship that is fun to watch.

Basically the daughter demands to know the story of how her Dad met her Mother. The Mother just sent the Dad divorce papers. He tries to wiggle out of telling the story with, "It's complicated". Then he tells his daughter that he'll tell her the story, but he's changing all the names and some of the facts. The movie jumps back and forth between the flashbacks and the Dad and daughter interactions. The complicated part comes from his tangled history with three different women over the 10 years before his daughter's birth.

The movie also begs the question: are Isla Fisher and Amy Adams the same person? (Isla is on the left)


Snickollet said...

Glad you got some down time this weekend after what sounds like some very intense days at work. I think I'd like Definitely, Maybe. I also like romantic comedies. And sappy things.

Happy Thanksgiving!

mary said...

Def, Maybe was such a great movie! so cute. =) i love abigail

Rachel said...

I liked both of those movies. Harold and Kumar was totally over-the-top, but very funny.

Sam said...

The first Harold & Kumar is the best one. Everything from that point on is downhill.