December 12, 2007


We're off for our vacation tomorrow. I don't have anything articulate to say.

1. I just worked a 40 hour week in three days (it feels like that, though I haven't really added it up). I got everything done and am out the door, so it's fine. I don't know if it's true or not, but I've told everyone there is no cell phone reception in Kings Canyon/Sequoia National Park.

2. I've been sucked into the bottomless pit that is Facebook. One of my best friends, who told me she never goes on line and therefore never reads my blog, sent me an invite. [Pause for irony to sink in...] I didn't sign up for a while since I really don't have time for anymore online activities. Three nights ago, I dove in. And yes, it's consumed what little free time I have and strained my poor designer eyeballs. I've mostly been connecting with people I knew during college. I was part of a fantastic community in the Pioneer Valley and have been horrible at keeping in touch so it's great fun to see their pics and reconnect a bit. The kids who were preteens when I left are now gorgeous adults! Yikes.

My symbol of Facebook rebellion is that my profile picture consists of a photo of Muttola. She's cuter than me anyway, if a little furrier.

See ya next Thursday!


Snickollet said...

The Facebook picture of Muttola is cute, for sure, but I've met you in person and you're awfully cute yourself!

Have a wonderful vacation. No cell reception can be a very good thing.

Mama Nabi said...

HAVE FUN!!!! cell phone reception would be fine, as long as there's... PLUMBING!

You crazy kids, you...

Sandra said...

Have fun!

maryschoi said...

facebook sure can take up a lot of time!