December 20, 2007

Our much needed break

We returned last night from six days away. The most surprising thing for me about the trip was that I went into deep hibernation mode. I used to do this when I came home from college. After a semester of investing deeply in relationships and running all over doing activities, I came home, crawled into bed and read books for three weeks. I talked to my family, but that was it. I called no one. I only saw people if they initiated and came to my house. Of course, I lost touch with most of my high school friends, but I needed the 'off' time.

In our marriage, I'm usually the one who chats with strangers and tells Jrex the name of the cashier. As I avoided connecting with people, Jrex stepped out. He got to know the guy in the ski shop, set up telemark lessons for us, knew the names of most of the staff and invited kids to play Scrabble with us.

There were two days when I told Jrex to go have fun outside and I just sat by the fire and read. Our room had no TV (why do you think I picked this lodge?!) so we did lots of reading in the evening as well. (Mansfield Park by Jane Austen, An Echo in the Darkness by Francine Rivers, Eragon, Pigs in Heaven by Barbara Kingsolver)

I could have stayed in the "cave" for at least another three days, but it was just what I needed.

Now, if I can get the pictures to upload, I can make you think I was more active than I really was...(blogger's add image button seems to be dysfunctional)


jen h. said...

nice. i love that!

Rachel said...

That sounds heavenly. Glad you were able to relax and read. Funny that you read Eragon. I just checked that out of the library to read over my Christmas break.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, it sounds perfect...don't stress about the gift thing either - you're gifted I'm sure you'll think of just the right chord to strike how you feel for your new friends:) Merry Christmas!

lots of love,

Mama Nabi said...

What a wonderful time that must have been... I can almost hear the fireplace crackling, soft almost inaudible breaths of a reader and the regular swish of pages turning. Mmmm, and hot cocoa. Perfect winter vacation.

Welcome back! Muttola must have been so happy to see you guys... or did you take her?

otrmama said...

Four books in six days? I don't know anyone who could do that. You are amazing. Now that you're home, how long will it take you to read that many?

Snickollet said...

Pure bliss. I've been in home hibernation mode, to the extent that I can be.

Glad that you were able to escape.