December 3, 2007

Cause I AM discreet

Last night we had our second supper club. We've formed a group with three other couples to explore new recipes through a once a month dinner.

After dinner, we sat around the living room chatting. Jrex was home sick. The three guys all started comparing notes about biking to work. Wine Aficionado smiled, "Only in warm weather." Another man, who's served two tours in Iraq, declared, "I'm a fair weather biker, as well. It's too cold for me now." Hedonistic Outdoorsman, boasted, "I'm still biking, but last Thursday, I thought, 'this might be my limit'."

I've mentioned that I'm the soul of discretion? The master of my tongue? Known for my silent, loving presence?

I snorted and declared, "You're all a bunch of wusses! I bike every day. It's not too cold. I'll be biking when it rains. Of course, this is also coming from someone who's lived in upstate New York and New England. Compared to that, it doesn't get cold in California."

For some reason that seemed to shut down the conversation. Was it something I said?


Rachel said...

Heh. Just wait a few years and you'll be complaining how coooold it is when the temperature drops below 72 degrees. :) But you are a badass for biking to work every day. Couldn't do it myself.

scarp said...

They are a bunch of wusses, and that knowledge made them wallow quietly in self-pity ;)

I get a huge kick out of it when my Mexican friends all make a point of covering their mouths so they won't have to breathe in the freezing cold know, in the low 30s. I mean, I know it's 0C and all, but I can't help but think of the true cold that is 0F with wind chill.

Snickollet said...

I second Rachel's badass comment.

When I was in Peace Corps, I got so adjusted to the hot, humid, temps in Africa that when the mercury hit 80°F, I would need to go get an extra layer. My first winter back in the U.S. was brutal.

Beloved said...

Nah, they were just intimidated by your New England-hardened self. I am from "the land of 30 below", but I hate it and there's no way I'd be biking in it, so kudos to you!

Btw, the supper club sounds like lots of fun. I've always thought those sounded like something I'd enjoy.