December 22, 2007

Fun times!

I swear I'll upload the pictures tomorrow! I don't even have the excuse that I haven't had time; rather I've been consumed by the dark hole that is Facebook. I'd tried to reconnect with Baltimore friends, but half of them have the last name "Kim" (which is as common as "Smith") so searching for someone with that name got me nowhere. Then I thought of searching for the networking queen with a Czech last name. Bingo! I sent 'friend requests' to 20 people. And they've been answering! Which has been fun for me, but detrimental to my blogging.

In the Facebook fun, I found the guy I had a crush on from 7th-10th grade. (Our school was grades 7-12). In 10th grade I asked him to the Sadie Hawkins dance. We had a great time, lots of fun, but no chemistry. There's a very good reason for the lack of sparks--it turns out he and his boyfriend are now living in Brooklyn.

The whole Facebook thing is worth it though to get a message like this (from the guy I just mentioned):

"I had forgotten that you went to Hampshire, but it's all ringing a bell now. It makes sense, being that you were all artsy and stuff. I always thought you were kind of ahead of your time in high school. Meaning you were a little more mature than most, which I guess isn't saying a lot, but still... You always seemed sort of sophisticated somehow."

Fake it 'til you make it, baby!


Rachel said...

I noticed that you have a zillion Facebook friends. I heart Facebook, giant time-waster that it is.

Beloved said...

Yay, Facebook!

Funny about your middle/high school crush. I recently reconnected with someone I had a tiny crush on in high school and found out he's been married to his husband, John for 10 years. Looking back it's like--duh, that was actually obvious.

Mama Nabi said...

I know... I have a friend who has this huge friends list and I just shop from there!

I did reconnect with my sister's crush... :-)

swallowflight said...

Yes, the gay love triangle in brooklyn is well worth avoiding!