December 6, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: In-Law Edition

They're heeere!

The Good:

-Three of my women friends joined me on Sunday and we prepared 20 meals to freeze for each of our families. It's been great to just throw dinner in the oven and look like the good DIL. (Fake it til you make it.)

-I'm very busy at work, so we three aren't getting as much 'quality' time hanging out waiting for Jrex to finish his work and come home. Now we both arrive back at 7:30 pm. Mmmmm....dinner at 9 pm (sadly it's the usual in our house). His poor father usually eats at 5:30 and goes to sleep by 9.

-After 10 years, we're all relatively comfortable together, so their visits are (almost) relaxing.

-Since they can walk to 'downtown' and the train station, they can hang out here, relax, but still get out and do something, all while we're at work.

-My MIL is a very considerate, thoughtful, amazing woman.

-We get a Korean TV station for free via our 'rabbit ears' on the set.

The Bad:

-Me. I'm hiding in the back bedroom instead of being a good DIL. See earlier point.

The Ugly:

-We get a Korean TV station for free via our 'rabbit ears' on the set. It's turned on at 5 a.m. by my FIL who is losing his hearing. It stays on CONSTANTLY. Grrrr....I hate that stupid noisemaker.

-FIL also hacks and gargles in the bathroom. On the other side of our bedroom wall. At 5 a.m.


All in all, they're good folk and I love them. But four adults in a 2 bedroom apartment is just a bit crowded after three days.


Lori said...

M.'s biggest pet peeve about visiting his own parents is that the TV is right next to his bedroom wall - the one made out of paper mache - and his mom has the K-dramas on 24/7. Makes him nuuuuuuts!

Hang in there - it's nice to know you all get along pretty well. :)

Rachel said...

I feel you. I'm glad you're at work, so you don't have to spend quite as much time with them.

Mama Nabi said...

haha... my mom's not a TV watcher but she IS up at odd hours of the night. AND she has a tendency to claim the kitchen (i.e. have to use every single utensil, dish, bowl, pan, etc.) without bothering to ask if we're even hungry.

I think when my in-laws visited, my one GOOD thing was that they preferred to stay with the brother-in-law, at least to sleep.

:-) You ARE a good DIL, even if you're hiding out.

Beloved said...

It's nice that your good outweighs your bad. I'd be ciked about the Korean TV channel except that I'm sure there are no subtitles, in which case, I wouldn't be so ciked.
I hear you on the too many people in too little space. That's exactly how many we had in a two-bedroom townhouse when my MIL and niece were here for 5 weeks. Good luck!

Snickollet said...

Are they still there? Hope the visit was OK. It's hard to have many adults in a small space. I feel your pain.

maryschoi said...

hello! feel you on the hacking. thank goodness my mom doesn't do it at 5 AM but still bugs me when she does it...