April 19, 2007

We're off to see the wizard!

Oh no, wait. Dorothy and Toto went the other way: from Kansas to California (via the soundstage...)

We found a dog-sitter. We invested stock-options in Southwest. We leave tomorrow! I'm actually really excited to see all my peeps. Truly. Most of my blood relations will all be there. Pray for no tornados... though that would be a cheaper method for getting back out here to Oz.

The other thing I haven't had time to write about is my new job. I'm loving it! In the last two days I've had to photograph a sword, 'distress the h__' out of a heart for an I [heart] L*ra shirt, and come up with a world of paraphanalia for an upcoming game. MUCH more fun than my previous job.

See ya on the far side of the prairie.


Inkling said...

Have a safe trip. May this be a sweet time of reconnecting with family, remembering your grandma, and a time just to cherish those God gave you as family. May it be marked by joy and laughter, even in the midst of the mourning. And may you and JRex be blessed.

OTR sister said...

Check your email before you go.

Beloved said...

Safe travels! Hope you find many happy memories of your grandmother and have a great time reconnecting with everyone. But remember. . .there's no place like home!

mjscud said...

I think it's so cool that you're working for the Lara Croft company. Maybe I'll buy one of their games.

Perhaps you should audition as a model for her hairdresser?

Then you could give her advice on avoiding situations like this.