April 29, 2007

Because I'm sick, that's why...

…I’m in the bedroom blogging while my in-laws are here. No really, I have a cold and have been napping most of the afternoon.

I have some Kansas photos I’ve meant to post all week, but haven’t had time (plus they’re on my work computer…). We’ve had something every night and then the in-laws arrived Friday night.

Yesterday we took them to Sonoma for Mom K’s “birthday day”. We didn’t buy her a gift, so we gave her a day instead. We crossed Golden Gate (something she’s always wanted to do), climbed Mt. Tam to get a view of the bay, then drove to Sonoma for wine tastings and dinner.

One of my MIL’s most endearing characteristics is that she’s a lush. She never drinks on her own, but if there’s alcohol to be had, she never says no. We went to the Chateau St. Jean north of town and checked out their reserve tasting (special wines, higher tasting fee). On the way out I said,

“Well, do you want to try their ordinary wines as well?”

No polite Korean protest, no ‘whatever you want’, instead she chirped, “OK! Why not?”

Dad K and I left it up to Jrex and Mom to continue the drinking as we’d had enough. After sampling five reserve wines, Mom tried all ten ordinary wines as well. She’s only five feet tall and was weaving just slightly on the way to the car. Did that stop us from getting a bottle of wine for dinner? Did you read the previous paragraph?


Beloved said...

The image of your MIL weaving on her way to the car is cracking me up for some reason. Sounds like you helped her have an amazing birthday!

Mama Nabi said...

My mom who, without even blinking once, will coyly tell you that she doesn't "know how" to drink, yet can nonchalantly sit down with the big boys and down a whole bottle of whiskey in one sitting, shared only by 3 or 4 people.