April 5, 2007

Career Whiplash

I was contacted by another company on Friday. Long story short, I finally was able to get over there this morning to interview and sit with the designer. It's full-time contract work with potential to be hired. The catch is, they need me to start Monday morning. I wasn't able to catch my supervisor before she left for lunch. So now I'm dying while waiting to tell her I'm giving her 1.4 days notice!!!!!

I've never been this person. I had to leave the state to leave my last job! The contract employee scene out here is nuts. It's a large, spread-out design scene, so people just move around frequently. The bummer is that in a job where I didn't represent myself very well as a designer, I'll be leaving a wonderful final impression. Ugh.

New Job Perks? More money, better fit in terms of design and creative scope, closer to my house and a shower (so I could bike all the way).

Downside? I love my peeps here. We go to lunch every week, most days we do a walk along the bay. We chat over the cubicle walls. I'll miss them.

The whiplash? Aside from the speed? I'll be going from designing minimalist posters with TONS of white space to working for a gaming company. The company that makes L*ra Cr*ft Tmb Raid*r. From, "why don't we move that to the right a touch" to "is that too much blood?" At least I trusted my instincts and wore a black skirt with knee-high black boots to the interview.


scarp said...

wow - i don't know if i could decide that so quickly!

Aimee said...

Awesome! I'm -so- jealous!

Anonymous said...

So much happens in a day!

Rachel said...

Wow, that sounds like such a great opportunity! Congratulations.

Beloved said...

Congrats on the new job!