April 29, 2007

La Photographs

Since they don't directly correspond to the narrative of the previous post, here are some gratuitous photos:

La Bridge. Mom K and I trotted out with the dog so she could stand on the bridge. We didn't make it to stand over the water, but it was still impressive. As was the fact that La Mutt was relatively well-behaved. Who knew she could heel?

La Mutt. Of course we brought her along! She stayed in the car for the winery and for dinner, but mostly had a great day.

In the morning as Jrex and I packed the car, Mom K left the apartment door open. As I steped onto the stair to get another load, a collarless Muttolah ran down the stairs toward me. Instead of turning right to make her escape, she bolted to the left and jumped into the car. Normally she sits in the back seat so that's where she jumped. Since we had two passengers, I'd put her bed in the Outback's rear. I went to lift her out to put her in back and she lept into the front seat. As I went toward the front door, she scrambled into the back seat. What was Jrex doing this whole time? Laughing.

I've never seen such a look of doggie relief as when I finally grabbed her and put her in the back instead of banishing her.

La Photographer. When we arrived at the top of Mt. Tam, a European biker was trying to photograph a butterfly. Dad K instantly began a competition, snapping pictures then turning to check if the Euro biker noticed him snapping pictures... I don't think either of them succeeded and I swear that butterfly was teasing them both.

La View. A Mom and her boy. A man and his dog. A wife with a good view.


Rachel said...

Gorgeous photos. You're making me homesick for the Bay Area. Sounds like a fun weekend. It's so cute that your MIL got drunk at the winery. Heh.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Kansas family plus New York family all in one week. You must be ODing.

Thanks for the photos -- and the yarn about Muttola.

scarp said...

Pictures make me miss you guys. I wish it was cheaper to come spend a weekend. Maybe if I do get a little extra money for the 'little' extra work I'm doing, it could go towards airfare...?

Mama Nabi said...

Love the pictures... I think Koreans tend to like "hiking" - my mom always tells me of her her hiking trips that are very often crowded.