November 29, 2006

We Interrupt

...the regularly scheduled blog post for this update. While in the middle of switching to blogger beta, with links and formatting incomplete, two things happened. One: I finally went to the neighborhood pool and sampled the Menlo Masters. At the moment I'm thinking I'll join and swim 3x a week. We'll see how long that ambition lasts!! Also I got a contract job for a drug company. It's certainly nothing I'd want to do full time, but 25-35 hours of work/wk from home sounds great right now! I can continue (ha! Start is more like it) doing Flash tutorials, walking the dog, and now swimming.

It was gratifying at the end of the practice when the coach said, "Well, OTRgirl, you survived your first practice, congratulations!" and the woman I'd shared the lane with turned and gasped, "That was your FIRST one?" I guess she's been doing this for a while. Granted, she's petite and in her 50's or 60's so it wasn't particularly impressive that I was (barely) able to keep up with her, but it still felt good.


Anonymous said...

Like the new format.


Snickollet said...

New format looks great! And congrats on the swimming and the job. The job sounds like just what you need for right now.

bg's Little Sis said...

Congrats on both job and swimming. I love swimming in the winter back east here, it's all hot and steamy in the pool area and when you walk out so cool and crisp, I'm guessing it's just beautiful outside where you are now if not raining.

Love the GREEN