November 17, 2006


Well, I must say I've been enjoying the gracious responses you all gave to my last post. I'm feeling quite Sally Fieldish.
The sofa is here. We rented a Uhaul cargo van last Saturday and drove up to collect it. Fortunately for us one of Jrex's labmates is looking for a better apartment and so had incentive to want to help us (in that he could help move the sofa in and check out our digs). Also, he's a nice guy. I'll post pictures soon. I'm still tweaking the living room layout.
Tuesday I registered with a creative placement agency in San Francisco. Not that it's yielded any work in the subsequent three days... but hopefully after Thanksgiving it will.
Yesterday I dropped off a stellar resume packet at a design firm here in Menlo Park. They didn't call me today, so I'm guessing they aren't interested. Sigh.
Before moving here I somehow expected all I had to do was show up and declare, "Ta Da!" and all the design agencies would roll over and beg me to come toil for them. Don't they know what they're missing?! In the meantime, I have to start mucking with Flash tutorials.
Jrex's advisor just bought a bunch of tickets for tonight's Stanford Women's Soccer game. I guess they've made it to the NCAA finals or quarterfinals or something. Heck, I'm just excited to get out of the house and hang out with people I don't see every day! Jrex assembled a crock-pot chili that I finally remembered to plug in today (yesterday's dinner was not what he'd expected...). We're planning to bring a thermos of chili to share at the game.
Once I hang all the pictures, the apartment will be officially done. And THEN what will I do to fill my days? Oh yeah, finish one of the Irish websites. The other one was finished two weeks ago. Finish a brochure I promised someone before I moved. I suppose I could also pretend to be an artist and paint or sculpt all day? Join the Master's swim team? Any recommendations for tricks to find jobs? Quirky methods that work? (cause then I could write a book...) Activities to try in the meantime?


Anonymous said...

I've had some luck with Craigslist, but you have to reply fast because they get so many resumes. Otherwise, I usually just cold-call to find out if they're hiring and get the name of the contact person, then follow up with a resume.

If you can do web design, maybe you could sell blog banners/ templates as a side gig or until you get a regular job.

--Weigook Saram

Anonymous said...

The Lord has a job, career, and life for
OTRgirl. We who love you can join in
prayer that you'll soon discover what
He has in store for you. Amen.

Mama Nabi said...

If you're not too picky about interim jobs, most Universities have plenty of admin jobs that are temporary... most of them require wearing many hats, sometimes including a designer's hat... and some admin jobs can lead you to good leads, via vendors or such, AND to freelance opportunities. (well, at least around here, that's the case.) I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

bg's Little Sis said...

mama nabi is on to something there, I know several people who got "in" via that route and then it was so much easier for them to get what they wanted in terms of job from the inside, especially in that type of setting