May 3, 2011

Fun slang from Down Under

Been swamped at work and did tons of social stuff this past weekend, so little time for the blog world. I just had this email exchange with one of my Aussie coworkers. I love the different slang words and thought you might enjoy it as well:

Thanks for the files, we're moving slowly and steadily there..
Just wanted to say a big congrats to you for the bub, it's great news.
Being a parent is awesome fun and action packed, and despite getting a
tad less sleep at points, it's an amazing experience bringing a little
dude into the world.
Good on ya, I guess after E3 you may have other focuses beyond wave
colors... like babysuit colors etc..
Rest up

Thanks, J!

It was fun when you, B and I were working together here to listen to both of you talk about your kids. I was in early days then and not telling anyone, but I'm looking forward to it. It'll be a whole new adventure!

yeh, kid banter is amusing, and i know what it's like to have to keep that info quiet for the first semester, seems like an eternity.
i'm sure everyone says it... but... enjoy those lazy lie-ins now and take off for a holiday before you two become a three.
chin chin

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