May 23, 2011

Random Deliciosity

I've had a wonderful, crazy week. Since I don't have the brain for a full post...
  • Week after amnio I leaked fluid and had to do an extra day of bedrest in the middle of the week. Last Tuesday I had a follow-up with the nurse and got an 'all clear' (no more leaking, plenty of fluid inside, great heartbeat). The kid was even waving at us.

  • During the bedrest insanity and general 'take it easy', my Dad came for a visit. He was wonderfully helpful on Sunday. I had a post about that stuff, but then commented via a different log-in and in trying to delete the comment, I erased the post. I loved my Dad's comment on that about preferring to create memories together and being able to help me out being a pleasure.
  • Then, on Monday, I found out that my wonderful friend Ms. Sword would be with us through Saturday. She's a relaxing houseguest, so that was fine.
  • Saturday I dropped her off at the airport then ran around buying plants, pots, dirt and other items for a baby shower in the afternoon. We got to bless Lovey and Dovey with a co-ed baby shower. They're due in July. It was fun to meet some of their other friends and get a chance to pray for them.
  • Sunday I taught the junior high girls during church. It was the last time before the summer that we met so we prayed for them and they prayed for us (the teachers). I loved their prayers for our move and for the baby.
  • Then Sunday afternoon I had small group. It's a great bunch married people, all have kids but us, most older. It's fun to not have to be the big sister (for 7 years I've been one of the oldest people in my small groups). During the dinner after our time together, the kids join us for a potluck meal. Someone asked one of the six year olds why she was so dressed up, "Cause we had church this morning and cause we're having a baby shower RIGHT NOW!" So, she spoiled the after dinner surprise. After we ate, the three youngest girls brought out bags of presents and proudly handed them to Jrex and me. Then they helped open each one. After that the group prayed for us. What blessed me most was that one of my junior high girls was there and prayed for me in front of all the adults, then two of the junior high boys also prayed. The kids prayed in particular for the baby, that he would be healthy, normal, not have any defects, have a happy childhood and lots of friends in our new city.
  • Now, back in the madness of work... Sigh. Only 19 more working days before we move!
  • This coming Saturday we're doing a yard sale to clear out everything we're not taking with us. I have prices to add to everything. AND Mom K arrives Thursday for a week. At this point, the house is in such disarray with piles for the yard sale and move that I feel very little pressure to clean up.


Anonymous said...

Take it easy, woman! It'll be good when the work pressures can ease up a bit...

Mizasiwa said...

Hi - try take it easy, you dont want to be too stressed out, I know thats way easier to say than to do when i was between 3 and 7 months pregnant with angel boy we moved 6 times and closed down our shop and had to move that to our house as well. and i worked full time and in the shop while it was open it was insanity!!! ill be thinking of you during this time, also thanks for reading my blog it was so unexpected but certainly pleasant so really thank you so much

Mizasiwa said...

also love the picture thats so cute!!