May 4, 2011

Strange reasons I'm proud of my Dad

Having counter-cultural parents means that my reasons to admire my Dad are often bizarre by 'normal' society standards. Running a housing firm in the inner-city meant that he knew most of the prostitutes by name. I thought that was really cool. He and my Mom often dragged us to various political protests. Though my feet were often pinched by my shoes and my hands were often freezing, it was cool to be there and I was proud of them for being passionate about their beliefs.

Well, I now get to add a new one: I'm proud of him for getting arrested.

If you want to check out his version of the story, read his latest blog post:

I like that he knows he didn't truly make a difference in anything global, but that he is choosing involvement over being just a spectator. Unfortunately, I've often been too absorbed by my daily life to think as big as he does and get as involved in things outside my personal sphere. Good on ya, Dad.


Aimee said...

Wow. That's incredible! Go, Dad!

Inkling said...

I have enjoyed reading his stories. His "About me" page still has me smiling as I think back to some of his stories, things your mom would say, and the relationship you have with him. You've got a good dad, and that is such a gift. Thank you for being willing to share a bit of him with us. It has been the treat of my week!