April 15, 2011

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This has been the week of PDF documents. I don't know how people used to buy homes in new states (or countries) before the internet. My father's Mother once took a train solo from Michigan to northern California to find and buy a newspaper business and a house in the same trip. I guess she must have signed all her forms and written her checks while she was there? (A note to those of you who think I'M independent or crazy for being willing to be alone in Texas while pregnant. Yikes, I've got nothing on my grandmother for independence.)

The house passed the home inspection, BUT... there are some issues that need to be addressed in the foundation (cracked joists, wooden support beams resting on the ground and absorbing water). Dallas homes have no basements, so the foundation options are slabs of concrete, or in older homes, post and beam construction. Ours is post and beam. The foundation expert will crawl around down there and give an estimate on Monday.

In other house drama, the inspector recommended a roofing inspection. The roofer (who is a really honest guy, according to my realtor) said the previous roof was installed improperly (not enough overlap in the shingles, exposed nails, some flashing issues) and recommends a new roof. There are a bunch of other relatively minor things (the oven only has one temperature: 375 degrees, etc.), but between the top and bottom of the house we've got some big ones. We're going to ask for all foundation repairs to be completed, for a couple minor safety issues to get addressed, and then propose splitting the cost of a new roof.

We'll see what the seller says, but it's making me glad we didn't do a counter-counter offer on the initial asking price to try to squeeze the price lower. It might mean we have some wiggle room now.

I think that the house and the neighborhood have actually tipped me towards excitement about moving to Dallas. All my fears of big hair, makeup, fancy clothes and murder (thank you soap opera Dallas) are dying down. It's a good city with lots of restaurants and museums. Knowing there's a quirky side as well is highly comforting.

My other comfort is knowing two other couples from Baltimore who've now ended up in Dallas. One of them just had their second baby while we were there. We got to meet him and hang out in the hospital with them. They live 20 minutes north of where we'll be living, but they have a POOL, so I predict our kids will grow up playing together. The other couple are hikers, foodies and all around interesting people. They aren't into kids and she's deathly allergic to animals, so I'm not sure how that will develop, but we saw them twice this last trip and had a lot of fun with them. Both couples have promised to take good care of me while I'm alone in July and August.

PLUS (I missed the text until it was too late) but I had a text from one of my aunts while we were there saying, "Where are you now? We're in Dallas." I saw it three hours after she sent it and saw the follow up that said, "Sorry we missed you, we're heading up to Kansas now. Love and prayers be with you." I like the fact that I'll get to see my Mom's side of the family more often than I have in our coastal lives.

It makes it interesting now when coworkers come up and say with sad sympathy, "I heard you're moving to Dallas! I'm so sorry." It's easier to just nod and smile than try to defend Dallas, but I'm amused that I find myself arguing with them in my head.


Inkling said...

Thanks for your good advice. I"m sorry it had to come from your own experience with losing your mom, but I appreciate your guidance more than I can say. It really does help me feel a little less clueless as a friend.

I'll be praying about the house details and that the current owner will be willing to take care of the repair issues. And as a kitchen loving girl, I'll be praying you guys get a good oven out of the deal one way or another. =)

As for the big hair and make-up.....it could be fun to at least play around with it. Maybe come into work one day with it and tell your colleagues you're preparing to fit in with the culture? ;) Just kidding. (But I really did kind of want to look like Beth Moore when I was in my early 20's. She definitely had Dallas hair in the 90's.)

Anonymous said...

Significant added detail: Not only did my Mother take the train from Ann Arbor, Michigan, to Susanville, California by herself -- she did it at the beginning of 1945 -- which was the last year of World War II. During the War, all trains were troop trains, so she was one of the few women making the transcontinental trip.

I really like Inkling's suggestion that you go to work one day done up as a Dallas spoof.

OTRgirl said...

Too bad I won't be here for Halloween, cause that would be hilarious!