April 13, 2011

This is ridiculous!

I'm already in a battle of wills with this baby. Seriously!

I'm of German/English extraction. This means that I grew up with dessert as a regular part of the meal. When I talk about dessert, I mean cake, ice cream, chocolate, basically something fattening and sugary. I even have a 'dessert stomach'. When Jrex and I go out for dinner, I'll finish half my meal, declare I'm totally full, yet still have room for dessert. It's one of my more bewildering features as far as he's concerned. It was only after marrying into the Korean world, I discovered fruit could even be considered dessert. I might opt for a couple squares of chocolate after, but I've learned to enjoy the fruit course.

Purely based on what makes me nauseous, this baby is already more Jrex's kid than mine. I can eat anything spicy (Indian, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Mediterranean and Mexican) and not feel at all nauseous. If I try to eat a Thin Mint? I feel gross and ill. Cake? Same. Pastry? Yup.

The good side of this deal is that I haven't yet gained weight. If the kid is going to make me eat fruit and veggies all the time, I might be able to keep my weight gain around the 25 pound mark. The bigger perk is that I am gaining SO much ammo for after the kid is born. If Jrex tries to blame the kid's quirks on my side of the family, I can argue that from the womb this was his kid more than mine. (Rubs hands in evil anticipation...)

Despite all that, I keep trying to own my own body. I like dessert, dammit! You don't get to take over the world, yet. Sheesh, you're only 4 inches long.

Baby wins every time.


Christa said...

I've experienced the same thing in my pregnancy. I love sweets but can't tolerate them now. The only sweets that I can tolerate are in the smoothie/milkshake genre.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sweetie, the days of your body being yours are over for the foreseeable future. ;)

Glad to hear you can eat some things, though!

OTR sister said...

Gotta humor the parasite.

Snickollet said...

I lost my taste for sweets during my pregnancy, too. It never came back full-force, but I do now enjoy an occasional dessert.

Babies do like to let you know who is in charge, don't they?!

jo(e) said...

Oh, those desserts are going to taste soooo good after this kid is born.

Anonymous said...

whenever my sister was pregnant - she could not have any diary without getting sick. After she gave birth - ice cream was all she wanted.

Lil'Sis said...

with one all I wanted was tomato, sandwiches, ate them like apples, who knows why, the kid hates tomato!!

with the oldest, it was steak, had to eat steak, didn't like the taste much but had to eat it...kid not a big steak eater.

with my last nothing specific, just sick the whole time which was new for me...the kid is the pickiest of the bunch.

No rhyme or reason to it I believe, but I think the desserts will return for you after...excuse me while I go find a pastry now:)

Aimee said...

With my first, I couldn't eat sweets, either. I ate a lot of eggs for breakfast for the protein and she loves them. During that pregnancy, EVERYTHING else tasted wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed food during my 1st pregnancy. She has been the pickiest eater between the 2.

With my second, I was sick for about 14 weeks. I couldn't even cook eggs because the smell made me sick. After the sickness ended, I craved steak, salads, and ice cold water with lemons. Fresh canteloupe was so good. Summer is a great time to be pregnant because of all the fresh fruits & veggies! My second loves steak and salad. But she hates eggs.

Enjoy your pregnancy and all the fun/funny changes.

Anonymous said...

It is good you are looking at this the right way. What is good is from you. What is bad is from him. Blaming the Dad is good even into their 20s. This will be so much fun. jj