September 16, 2010

The interview progress for Jrex

As mentioned earlier, the interview with Portland went really well. The loved Jrex and definitely want him back. In fact they've asked if the two of us can come up in November for five days. Works for me! They'd really sell us on the city including a realtor led real-estate tour. I love looking at houses, so that sounds great. Plus dinners and lunches and fun excursions! Cool. Poor Jrex, his Korean side is kicking in and he feels bad accepting so much when he's not sure he'd accept their offer. Being the kind compassionate person that I am, I laughed at him for that.

For the past three days, he's been in Ann Arbor. Two dinners, a talk and a day and a half of interviews later and he feels wanted there as well.

Neither option is a slam dunk, we'll see if NYC or Dallas is, and if not, we'll be choosing the best offer from a bunch of great places.

Portland has a young department full of people who are hungry to succeed yet are friendly and collaborative. Ann Arbor is more established and he'd start lower in the pile, but have access to more science resources.

It feels like the difference between joining a startup or a big corporation. In a startup you have more visibility and there are plenty of financial resources (in a Silicon Valley Venture Capital endowed startup), but not as much depth to draw from. Working in a corporation means layers of bureaucracy but also layers of support.

Much depends on many things, but it's fun to see him valued and sought after.


Lori said...

That's really great, and it really *does* feel good when someone appreciates your partner for all their knowledge and skills and personality, doesn't it? :D

And great, too, that the places he's looking at are pretty much all interesting places to be in their own ways. Portland is a nice, workable city (and pleasingly close to Seattle and VANCOUVER!!), based on the three days I spent there back in the late 90s. ;)

You're both in my thoughts as you go through this process - I hope things work out the way they're meant.

Anonymous said...

He has more than paid his dues. Tell James to enjoy being 'romanced and pursued' by them - he deserves it all. It's not like they wouldn't get it back ten-fold, wherever he chooses.


Inkling said...

When you go back in November, you should ask them for a tour of Powell's books. I hear it's wonderful.

Wow. So many choices. This is like those "choose your own adventure" books. It sounds like you'll really have that opportunity to choose and see what story you'll write with your lives. I'll be praying for wisdom.

As for the being romanced and feeling a little guilty if he doesn't take it....I'm not Korean, but I can relate. Part of my guilt is performance based. I don't want to let the person down because I don't want them to think less of me or think that all their efforts were for naught. (Like the time I started telling the psychologist who was counselling me what he wanted to hear instead of what I really believed....I didn't want him to get discouraged. Silly me.) Here's hoping he can experience even a bit of letting himself be free to enjoy and appreciate without obligation or guilt.

I'm excited for you guys. Still rooting for the west coast, but that's just because of the climbing they offer you and the fact that I love it here too. But it's your adventure, and you get to write your story. It will be fun for us to keep reading as you unveil the adventures you choose! =)

michiganme said...

I live in Michigan now and enjoy visiting Ann Arbor because I feel like it's full of kindred spirits. But I lived in Portland for several years in the 90s and loved it more than any place I've ever lived. And think of all the bicycling you could do there!