September 19, 2010

A strange experience on many levels

This past weekend, Jrex and I were in Staten Island for the first anniversary of his father's death. As part of the experience, I put together a slide show of photos of his father. Below is one of my favorites. One of Dad K's most lasting legacies to his son is a love of the outdoors. Plus Jrex has on some fabulous '70's pants!

One of the other weekend events was a visit to Flushing to see Jrex's uncle who runs an acupuncture center. A number of years ago, we were all tested on one of Medicine Uncle's fancy machines. Everyone else had lots of abnormalities, I came up normal on everything. Medicine Uncle had never seen anything like it. I happened to notice the machine was made in Germany, so Jrex and I suspect it's calibrated for my people group. Anyway, Mom K wanted to try again on a new machine he has. Also something Anglo made.

Basically, it's a machine for reading meridian points. He pushes an electronic tool twice into each finger and toe and then pulls up the results. There's a circle that shows what is out of range and then an image showcasing all internal organs. Green is normal, yellow means things are a little out of whack, red is bad.
Mom K had four or five yellow organs, two red ones and a few green. Jrex's sister had six yellow organs, a red one and some green. Me? Two yellow and the rest green.

Turns out, that wasn't the end of it. Medicine Uncle (who barely speaks English) pulled out a piece of paper (in English) for my medical history. It included questions about how many bowel movements I have a day and what consistency. If periods are normal, heavy or light, if my feet or hands are cold, if I get headaches. I filled it out and then, in front of my MIL, SIL, Jrex and his aunt had to try to discuss how often I have bowel movements and what color my period fluid is through a language barrier. After all that, the conclusion was that my body runs cold. Cold bodies can't maintain a pregnancy so I'm not supposed to exercise. Apparently exercise pulls energy from the body into the physical feat and away from any developing baby. If those are the terms, looks like we won't have children! Jrex was rolling his eyes (discreetly).

Jrex wasn't tested. Because, of course, it's all about the woman, right? I'm choosing not to get offended, but sheesh.

As if that wasn't enough excitement, it turns out Medicine Uncle's office is on one of the streets in Brooklyn where a microburst struck on Thursday. One doesn't expect to see tornado damage in New York, but voila! All this happened in a 10 minute period.


Inkling said...

I love the pic of JRex with his dad and sister from years ago. I can't believe it's been a whole year already. It feels like it only recently happened. But then again, I imagine MomK probably feels like it's been forever without her husband by her side each day. How is she doing?

The Medicine Uncle guy and his tests sounded really interesting. I can't believe you had the guts to complete the last one in front of everyone. I would have been turning a thousand shades of purple and red and pink when discussing things like poop and periods.

But the whole acupuncture, meridians, alternative medicine thing does make me think. I went to a naturopath who conducts these electrical tests (don't know the exact term, but it feels a little like voodoo or magic or something out of a Benny Hinn service), and she told me I had all these horrid issues and was practically on the verge of dying. Well, she didn't say that in so many words. But I was supposed to score 100 points on each organ, vitamin, etc, and only averaged 30 with some being 0. She hit the nail on the head when she asked me if I was holding onto certain emotions, and then she explained how the emotions impacted various organs. So I don't know if she's right or if her "science" is bunk. But it will be interesting to see if any of the bloodwork I asked my family doctor to run agrees with her findings.

Wouldn't it be nice if conventional medicine and alternative medicine could somehow meet in the middle and find a good balance?!

mama nabi said...

Recent events have taught me not to scoff at these things... but perhaps you angered the acupuncture gods by denounce the mannequin... hence the fallen tree...?

:-) Hanging out with my maternal grandmother in Korea was always a strange experience on... every level.

Anonymous said...

You're in the Big Apple. Am i correct in thinking that Jrex is interview with one, perhaps two labs? Please update us on results.

Right now your lives are an unusually well-scripted TV show.

Sam said...

But working out makes your body heat up - it makes you hotter. I don't get it.