September 3, 2010

Be careful what you ask for...

I'm getting a trial run at a job I'm campaigning for within my main office. Basically right now I'm helping to art direct and produce a Request for Proposal for a Car Company big wig convention. We've been asked to create three evening events during their three-day conference. All CEO level attendees. (The guy from Saudi Arabia is one of the princes and will be flying in with his entourage in their private 747).

I'm really enjoying it, especially knowing that someone else will be laying out the book! Yeah! So I get to lose sleep here at the front end and let someone else lose it at the back end. I'm trying to make sure they don't have to lose too much.

My brain is reeling. We're working with a food designer who drops phrases like, "The last time I worked with the Venetian (in Las Vegas), we ran a special training for their servers." On the phone last night with our Australian team I was getting advice based on their recent experience with the Vancouver Olympics. We're in contact with our office in Japan who is giving us their take on our ideas (audience will by half Japanese).

I'm remembering why I like my job! (But I'm not sleeping much...)

If this goes well, I think it becomes a great 'sell' for them to give me the promotion, money and Blackberry so I can do this job.

More on this later, Jrex just came back from his first job interview in Portland. They've already asked him (and me) to come back (basically meaning they will offer him a job). The founder of the program drove him around. Someone said to him, "You have two of the most glowing recommendation letters I've ever seen. I want to frame one of them." Another guy said after his talk, "I've just come from a really poorly presented talk. It was great to hear a good talk with great science. It restored my faith in science."

How that process interfaces with my job stuff, God only knows! I read a piece by a woman exec addressed to women that suggested not pulling back in anticipation of events (pregnancy, etc). Keep going for it and then see what happens. That's what I'm doing.


Snickollet said...


(The job stuff is really exciting, too. But PORTLAND!!!!!!!)

Rachel said...

Wow, great news on all fronts. Based on what I know about you, I think Portland might be the perfect place for you. But I also think that you should go for the promotion, because you never know what will happen. No matter what, you will have more experience for your resume.

mama nabi said...

Hah. The call-back with invitation extended to the spouse. :-) Yay! I hope that you guys will have lots of good options - and you can choose and pick, right?

Ah, the Saudi princes and their entourage. Always fun to be around.

Anonymous said...

In response to each of your comments --

Good for you!
Good for you!
Good for you!

Go Portland!